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Is It a Big Deal of Maddow + Olbermann Enjoyed Peach Cobbler With Obama?

MSNBC pundits Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann were among those who joined President Obama on Monday for a 2.5 hour off-the-record chat at the White House. This got Fox News and conservatives really upset!

Probably because they weren’t invited. But these two weren’t the only RSVPs; Eugene Robinson, E.J. Dionne, Ron Brownstein, John Dickerson, Rachel Maddow, Frank Rich, Jerry Seib, Maureen Dowd, Keith Olbermann, Bob Herbert, Gloria Borger, and Gwen Ifill were also there.

Not that it’s stopped the right-wing noise machine from criticizing the White House and liberals for their secret sit-down. Except, uh, isn’t this exactly what happened during the Bush administration? Why yes, yes it was.