Is It Bullying When Gays Make Fun Of Marcus Bachmann’s Gay Voice?

Michele “Killer Clown” Bachmann’s husband runs an ex-gay clinic for educating gay “barbarians.” He’s also got a remarkable case of gay voice that’s been widely mocked in the LGBT blogosphere.

But Mr. Bachmann has found an unexpected defender in a chairman with Minnesota’s Stonewall organization. Why would a Stonewall member defend a ex-gay therapist of a homophobic GOP spouse? Let’s find out.

On Independence Day weekend, Minnesota’s Stonewall DFL chairman David Joseph DeGrio issued the following letter speaking entirely on his own behalf:

I know it’s a holiday weekend but I need to share some disappointment I have with members of the LGBT and ally community because it reached a tipping point this morning.

In the past week I’ve had several people, including some from the LGBT activist community, make comments mocking the perceived sexuality of Marcus Bachmann. I find this completely unacceptable. Think about the terrible example being set for kids who overhear such intimations about Marcus Bachmann.

We oppose this exact kind of mockery and bullying in the schools because kids commit suicide over these exact same jokes and perceptions.

If, by some chance, Marcus Bachmann is living a lie we should have compassion and understanding. We know what it’s like to live each day hiding truth and fearing discovery by others.

I respect your right to free speech, but I must speak out when I see injustice even when they injustice is levied against those who oppose all that I am.

So please, in the future, don’t spout any of this crap in my presence because I don’t want to feel the need to exercise my freedom of association and walk away.

Have a happy Independence Day and keep fighting for liberty and justice for all.

But is Grio right? Yes, it’s weird for persecuted gays to turn around and use their own sexual identity as an insult, but anti-gay bigots are fair game, right? But there’s no evidence (beyond his voice and the word of Cher) that Mr. Bachmann is actually gay. Does baselessly accusing him of being gay make gay people look like catty, petty bullies.

Or have we merely stumbled onto something that may be true? If he is gay couldn’t our mockery lead to the dirt-digging that might ultimately expose him as gay and potentially unseat the clown princess of the GOP?