The Week In Comments

Is it Just Us or Are Queerty Readers Hating on the Republican Pres Candidates?

Time once again for the Queerty weekend post, with some of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the Queerty readers!

One of the hottest topics of the week was the crazy antics and comments from  Republican Presidential candidates like Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann. In the battle to beat Obama, do any of these elephants have what it takes?

Here’s what made us ponder or giggle to ourselves in the office:


1) Please.. no male is that squeaky clean. However, if a bankrupt spoiled frat-boy cokehead can be elected president twice, then Rick Perry is a shoo-in.ron on Rick Perry Reassures Supporters Than None Of His Old Hook-Ups Will Out Him.


2) Oh good, I wasn’t sure about her stance on these subjects. —Kyul serves a healthy dose of sarcasm in Michele Bachmann To Reaffirm Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice And Anti-Islamic Platform In Florida


3) Funny thing happened on the way to the Constitutional Amendment and any Federal “marraige ban”—there are now gay marriages. And such a law and amendment as NOM envisions is, in fact, a Bill of Attainder, which is very unconstitutional. For such a law and amendment will meet the criteria of the Supreme Court’s long held ruling in Lovett from the late ’40s, which held that a law which specifically targets a few people, levies a penalty—and does so without judicial proceedings—is a Bill of Attainder.

What will happen to these [gay] marriages? Will they simply evaporate? Will the parties to the contract be hauled into court and made to “divorce”? Will they get a letter from the new, um, “Gay Czar” or the newly created “No Gays In America Office”? Or perhaps a personal letter from the president, “Oh, I’m sorry, screw you.” Or will the couples be arrested for some crime?

It’s so phantasmagorical at this time, like a John Waters’ absurdist comedy horror flick. Meanwhile, it’s highly unlikely (though not completely,) that two-thirds of Congress will authorize the language of such an amendment, and even more unlikely that three-fourths of the states will okay it. So some how I’m sanguine. On the other hand, we could just set up a 24/7/365 cordon of gay folks around the White House until they cry Uncle, if it comes to that. But I do love being so special as to get such a “right” as an amendment against my happiness. Ahem. —Jim Hlavac sets the record straight in Rick Perry Signs NOM’s Marriage Pledge, Proves He Can Spell His Name.


4) I don’t understand this penis-describing standard that people who want to out gay Republicans have come up with! You can get three or four people to give the same description of a dick pretty easily. And,  whatm is someone supposed to do go on TV and say, “Ha, my dick is cut and bends to the left. You were totally wrong!”? That’s idiotic. —LukeM tries to calm the gay witch hunt in Is Rick Perry A Coked-Up, “Rampaging Bisexual Adulterer” Or Is Robert Morrow Just Nuts?


5) She’s just digging herself a bigger hole. Almost as big as Marcus’ hole —hf2hvit calls out the crazy couple in Michele Bachmann To Reaffirm Anti-Gay, Anti-Choice, And Anti-Islamic Platform In Florida