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Is It Meghan McCain’s Job to Defend Her Father John From Furious Gays?

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Should Meghan McCain have to be the one defending her anti-gay father? We’d argue no — but she’s taken up the cause!

Appearing on The View this morning — after fielding days worth of angry tweets like this one about her father — Meghan says John was arguing the hearings included Adm. Mike Mullen’s “personal account,” while the senator wants “wants military research” into the issue. That, and her father is 73, and old people are stuck in their ways.

Not defended: his hypocrisy. Maybe because it’s indefensible?

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  • Josh

    Meghan McCain is a disgusting fraud.

  • Ionos

    @Josh: And you are a prick.

  • Josh

    Meghan defends her dad’s bigoted stance on DADT and I’m a prick for calling her out on it?

    Meghan routinely equates Obama’s anti-gay marriage stance with her fathers yet Obama is for gay rights in all other areas whereas McCain is against gay rights in all areas.

    McCain voted against the Matthew Shepard Act.

    Obama passed the Matthew Shepard Act and has called for the repeal of DADT and his Justice Department is currently trying to extend Title IX protections to gay students in the public schools.

    Obama is the most pro-gay President we have ever had, yet people wouldn’t know it by what Meghan says or by what the gay blogs say for that matter.

    Meghan tries to make the Republicans seem more moderate than they really are.

    If the Republicans win back Congress there is a good chance that DADT won’t be repealed and ENDA (adding gays to federal nondiscrimination laws) will definitely not get passed.

  • Cam

    REally? Funny how John Stewart points out that just a few years ago McCain said that he would listen to the Joint Chief’s of staff opinion on the issue… And yet now he totally is fighting their opinion. So he is a liar and a hypocrite, he thought the Joint Cheif’s since they were all Bush appointees, (And still are) would never approve a repeal of DADT.—women

    So he has now shown that he has no integrity and will change his story and lie when needed. Even John Stewart calls him a flat out liar in this clip. Megan can defend him all she wants, but his bold faced lying is beyond defence. Poor old guy keeps forgeting that in the world of YouTube people can actually go back and check on what you’ve previously said….

  • Michael W.

    Who cares if it was Mike Mullen’s personal opinion? That’s what we wanted. And what the hell kind of “military research” did McCain need? They can’t get information from active duty gay service members so whatever it is will be woefully incomplete.

    I thought this girl was alright but if she insists on making excuses for her father’s bigoted and arrogant display at those hearings, then she can jump off the same fucking bridge.

  • Observer

    Is It Meghan McCain’s Job to Defend Her Father John From Furious Gays?

    The answer is yes, until she lands her own reality show, which only a fool would not believe is right around the corner. My guess is she will get with that pet moose of Dick Cheneys (Mary Cheney)and get it aired on A&E sometime this fall.

  • Brian NJ

    I would like to see McCain do another tour of duty locked in a bamboo cage. Maybe this time he will learn to respect veterans.

  • sal(the original)

    well look at the bitches brewing…i think she’s better than Cheney’s daughter(she’s not hiding away),and she’s a lesbian

  • reason

    I don’t know what is worse, waterboarding or listening to such shallow banter. If anyone likes the show I apologies, but “the uniforms will look better”! Out of respect for Palin, I will use the word feebleminded. Meghan McCain is just positioning to have it both ways, daddy beckons the crazies while her and mommy lure the enchanted gays and liberals, excited for a touch of republican acceptance, while swindling them into purchasing Meghan’s upcoming thriller. As if her parents skin isn’t already sagging under the weight of wealth and elitism. John probably sees gays suffering under DADT as more customers to supply with booze, so they can drink away their sorrows while expanding John and Cindy’s 100 million dollar liquor fortune.

  • FrancoisTrueFaux

    Is this the first time that the ladies of The View have come to a consensus on a gay rights issue?

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