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Is It Okay If We Heart Joe Lieberman For A Few Minutes?

I never thought I’d say this after hearing Sen. Joe Lieberman would be Obama’s ponitman on DADT repeal, but I’m kind of crushing on the guy. But I think it’s just because I get some sick pleasure seeing the guy who endorsed John McCain take a giant steaming dump on the abusive lawmaker’s argument.

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  • AndrewW

    Lieberman is just grandstanding for LGBT donations.

    This DADT Repeal is a charade orchestrated by Democrats and the LGBT non-profit industry. It will fail, but almost immediately you will hear calls for “more money” because “we were so close.”

    We have only 56 LGBT-supportive votes in the US Senate during the lame-duck session. We need 60 votes.

    Maybe the LGBT non-profit industry will focus on winning, instead of just fundraising. That might help.

  • Andrew

    @AndrewW: I’m SO sick of hearing this “we only have 56 votes! It’s never going to happen. They’re all LIARZZZZ”.

    NO. That vote was taken BEFORE the study. NUMEROUS people who voted AGAINST did it with the intention to wait for the study. So as far as we know, we indeed could now have 60 votes.

  • Stefan


    And remember too, the issue is not about striping it out of the bill, but breaking the fillibuster on the entire bill (which was mainly fillibustered due to lack of debate allowed, which won’t be the case now). Once that happens we’ve basically won. So, if DADT isn’t repealed guess what, the Defense Authorization Bill doesn’t pass either.

  • Geoff M

    I can heart on Lieberman for a second, but I would never ever trust the man.

  • jason

    I agree with Andrew W. This whole “we Democrats are fighting for your rights” notion is a great big charade organized by the Democratic Party hierarchy. It is designed to get us to think that they care for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. They care about getting out votes, not our rights.

    Fraud-bama and the other Democrats have had meetings on this issue. Everything they say in public has been pre-planned and pre-packaged. They are not random statements from the heart but cynically manufactured sound-bites designed to get us to love them.

    Message to Liebermann and other Democratic Party sleazeballs: we ain’t falling for your tricks this time.

  • TM

    It is not okay.

  • AndrewW

    The 44 Anti-LGBT US Senators are not going to change their minds because of a “study.” Their votes represent their personal moral beliefs and the majority of their constituents. You can’t “study” that away.

  • gina

    Hitler was a vegetarian and loved dogs, big deal.

  • Matt

    Lieberman has called for the arrest of Julian Assange and the shut down of Wikileaks. He was a key component in the watering down of American Health Care reform, among other things. So he’s for ending DADT, but why should we love him? I don’t think we should celebrate him in anyway.

  • the crustybastard

    The legislative “repeal” Lieberman is promoting is simply more discrimination, repackaged.

    If Congress fails to pass the amendment, the next stop is the Ninth Circuit’s, around February or March. The Obama Administration will almost certainly argue once again that the gay ban is necessary and reasonable — against the very evidence supplied by the “study” they insisted upon.

  • Rafalo

    @jason: I figured you out… you’re a Republican troll.

  • ewe

    No it is not ok to approve of Lieberman. Whatever it is he is getting in return i do not know but he is doing and saying what he is doing and saying only because he feels he needs to for self gain.

  • ewe

    I do not trust anyone who reminds me of that guy on MY FAVORITE MARTIAN and sounds like he is never quite fully awake.

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