Is It Smart—Or Dangerous—For Gays To Spite Vote In The Republican Primaries?

From an editorial standpoint, we looove Rick Santorum. Romney is too bland and Gingrich is just plain mean. But Santorum gives the gay blogosphere so much grist for the mill, we’d almost hate to see him go. (Almost.)

But we still get nervous when our liberal friends say they hope he gets the nomination because he’ll surely sink the Republican ship.

That’s the line queer news site Fenuxe took with Georgia. The peachy-keen state has open primaries, so editor Ryan Lee was encouraging right-thinking gay Democrats in Georgia to cast a spite vote Tuesday for Tricky Rick:

With 76 delegates at stake, Georgia is the biggest prize of Super Tuesday, during which 11 states vote to award 419 total delegates (a candidate needs 1,144 delegates to secure the Republican nomination, and Romney currently leads the field with 203). Georgia has an “open primary” system, which means voters do not have to be registered as a Democrat or Republican to vote in either party’s primary.

Instead of requesting a Democratic primary ballot to vote for an unopposed Barack Obama, LGBT voters in Georgia ought to pull a Republican ballot on Tuesday in order to vote for one of the most enthusiastically bigoted politicians of our generation: Rick Santorum. While supporting Santorum might seem unfathomable to any LGBT voter familiar with the former Pennsylvanian senator’s wrathful views on homosexuality, there’s a potential windfall of benefits if Santorum wins the Peach State.

Most immediately, it would be absolutely deflating for the egomaniac Newt Gingrich to lose his home state. The former Speaker of the House’s ridiculous candidacy has been floundering for months, and what a delicious treat it would be for LGBT Georgians to help deliver the death-knell to Gingrich’s lost cause.

A win in Georgia would also give Santorum enough momentum to remain in the race for the Republican nomination, providing Santorum and Romney a few more weeks or months to remind Americans why neither one of them should be president. And with enough momentum, Santorum might eventually surpass Romney in the delegate count and win the Republican nomination.

It’s kind of a moot point now as Gingrich too Georgia handily. But many southern states have open primaries and we know a number of people who are registered Republicans just so they can vote in closed ones. Santorum had a strong enough showing on Super Tuesday that he’ll slog along for some time, so the option to cast a spite vote remains.

While we’d love to think keeping the Santorum train running clear to the convention would guarantee Obama’s election, the risks are just too high: If he somehow won the White House, gays would lose what rights they have, women wouldn’t have access to contraception (let alone abortion) and kids everywhere would be forced to wear cardigans as part of their school uniforms.

That’s not any America we want to be part of!

So, would you vote for ol’ Frothy Mix in the hopes that he’d never win in the general election? Cast your ballot in the comments.

Source: AJC.com

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  • Jasonw

    Santorum is dangerous. He shows that America has no idea what they are doing. Religious freaks flock to his Bigoted remarks like flies on shit. It’s disgusting, and the things he says are dispicable. There’s no place for that kind of bigotry and theocratic ideology in the white house. All rights of everyone not Christian will go down the drain if he gets elected. Get ready for a new world order if he is given the chance. America, or at least most Christian Americans have shown their ignorance and stupidity by voting for him. I will NEVER move to any state that Santorum won, that’s for sure.

  • Ah Um Yeah

    I thought of changing my party affliation just to vote for Rick Santorum because I wouls love to see Obama rip him apart in the general election. But then I came to my senses and decided not to. Every vote he receives is a validation of his hateful, bigoted and small-minded views. Also, as a country, we are only 8 years removed from re-electing George W. Bush, and the thought of President Santoum is just TOO scary.

  • Seriously

    Bush Jr was considered a fop and he won two terms. I think it is dangerous to help Santorum get close to the Presidency because American’s have proven , time and again, that they don’t always vote with the heads.

  • Caliban

    I’m in an open primary state and I had intended to vote for Santorum. I really don’t think he’ll get the nomination so it wasn’t to make him the eventual opponent but to prolong Romney’s agony, hopefully leading to a brokered, contentious Republican Convention that will have him coming out of the gate weakened, with many Republicans refusing to vote for him in the general election.

    But I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Santorum under any circumstances. If, though some unholy mix of circumstances he did become the candidate and even worse won, I couldn’t stand the idea that I would have done anything to make to happen.

  • Tyler

    I agree it’s dangerous and foolish to vote for Santorum. In my state I can’t even vote for him and it’s like Ah Um said I’d have to change parties and it wouldn’t be worth it.

  • Shannon1981

    Too dangerous. This is a gamble we cannot afford to make. We are talking about a psychotic religious nut with the keys to the defense codes…a man who intends to run this country according to the Bible rather than the Constitution.

  • JohnAGJ

    I also say that it’s too dangerous. I voted for Romney in the primary yesterday not because I support the man but specifically to help knock Santorum out. FYI, I live in Virginia and our choices were only Romney or Paul since none of the others made the ballot. Ricky needs to go.

  • drums

    Oh my god, it’s like asking to choose between whether you want to get your balls bitten off by a lion or by a tiger. It’s going to hurt either way. The risk of Santorum being our president is too high to run, but the risk of Mitt Romney somehow seeing like a more “reasonable” alternative and actually getting elected is also too high. Romney has gone on record saying he thinks science and scientists are immoral and need to be controlled by the government. We can’t have him as our president.

  • Shannon1981

    @JohnAGJ: @JohnAGJ: What I want to know is what it is going to take to prove to the nation and world that Santorum is nuts.

    I would have thought the incident with he and his wife arranging a play date with a fetus for his kids, then sleeping with said fetus over night, and detailing it in a book would have been enough, but nooooo…

    Can we at least expose the hypocrisy of the abortion, considering his stances on women’s reproductive rights?

  • LittleKiwi

    there’s a reason that the GOP wants “biblical social laws” and not “biblical fiscal laws”

    Christ abhorred the hoarding of wealth, and indeed the story of Sodom is about greed and the hoarding of money and provisions.

    Ezekiel 16, baby.

    they pretend the story of Sodom was about, uh, “gays” – not one mention of homosexuality in the whole story, though. biblically speaking, a Sodomite is one who maintains great wealth and does not share it with those less fortunate.

    which means the sodomites of america are not just the wealthiest americans, but those fighting to keep their wealth.

    as for Santorum *yawn* i want him to get the nomination. i’d love to hear the excuses given by Gay Republicans and those “moderates” for voting for him – which they will, anyway.

    Obama Term Two!

  • Cam

    The one reason I think it would be good for the country if Santorum one, is that the GOP has gotten freaky scary in the last decade. I want to be able to choose between two parties and that isn’t the case now.

    If Romney won the nomination and got beaten by OBama, the right wingers, in my opinion would just say “HE LOST BECAUSE HE ISN’T CONSERVATIVE ENOGH!” And yes, they would say it in all caps. ;)

    However, if Santorum wins the nomination and then goes down to a crushing defeat, it would force the GOP to see that by catering to the right wing they can’t win. Hopefully it would make the party leaders get their heads out of their butts.

    Who knows, they might be too far gone though, and so maybe the party will eventually split in two.

  • LittleKiwi

    in reality, the best thing Conservatives can do for the GOP is to vote for Obama in the election. truly.

    and hear me out – Obama is going to win. The GOP knows this, and that’s why they’ve sunk low and swung hard to the extremist-fringe bigots for votes. All the “non-bigoted” Republicans should show their chosen party that they’ve had ENOUGH of this nonsense.

    give Obama a LANDSLIDE victory. it’ll wake the GOP up and they’l be forced to rethink their strategies. trust me. it’s what happened in Canada – people were sick of the pandering and flip-flopping of the Liberal Party and for the first time in Canadian history the NDP became the official opposition party – it woke up the liberals to a reality: if they want to remain in the game they have to stay relevant to the people – and that means having a spine.

    the GOP wont’ change if don’t give them a reason to.

  • Shannon1981

    @LittleKiwi: I just want them to go look at the story of the dead baby fiasco and go, wait, “Just how crazy is this guy?” and maybe rethink so of their own positions.

  • jeff4justice

    Is It Smart—Or Dangerous—For Gays To stay stuck in the 2party system?

    In CA we now have an open primary thanks to awful Prop 14.

    Since Obama has no primary challenger why not vote for the least damaging Republican (Ron Paul) or the least viable Republican Rick Santorum?

    Better yet, to hell with the 2party system and vote for alternative party candidates who are 100% pro-equality such as the Green Party, Peace & Freedom Party, or the Libertarian Party. I’m tired of anti-liberty, warmongering, corporately-controlled Obama and the Democrats.

    Before anyone brings up the “throw the election” nonsense, remember we are supposed to have a multiple choice election in our republic democracy – not a 2party tyranny.

    What’s more, alternative parties will become viable once enough voters get over the abuser-victim mentality of going back to the ones who harm us. As things are, the media blackout (including from LGBT media) combined with unfair election laws make it nearly impossible for alternative parties to win. If only the Tea Party and Occupy so-called anti-establishment people would get a clue and realize the 2party system is the source of their woes.

    Gays who stay with the 2party system instead of 100% pro-equality parties are like gays who are content to settle for domestic partnerships over civil unions.

  • Queer Supremacist

    If you vote for Rick Santorum to help Obama, you lose the right to call yourself a gay rights supporter. You’re just a Democrat hack who happens to be gay.

    Or, like me, you could vote for an actual gay marriage supporter.

    @jeff4justice: Gays who stay with the 2party system instead of 100% pro-equality parties are like gays who are content to settle for domestic partnerships over civil unions.

    Or they’re the ones who reap financial rewards from its tyranny (I’m looking at you, Joe Solomonese).

  • Mitch

    Kiwi you’re not an American citizen and you can’t even vote in this election. Personally for myself and everyone I know that’s LGBT we feel as though Obama is a hypocrite and puts GLBT rights last and hasn’t done anything at all to help GLBT people. Yes DADT was abolished but not because of Obama but because of Pelosi and the top military brass, and Obama and his administration actually edited out the very important non-discrimination clause in the bill, and while abolishing DADT does help bisexual, gay, and lesbian military servicemembers it does nothing to help Trans people. Also no other President or their administration has defended DOMA more than Obama has. His whole “Gawd’s in the mix!” BS was a slap in the face to everyone that’s LGBT.

  • LittleKiwi

    Mitch, i’ll call your bluff, too. You show me a gay man who says that “Obama hasn’t done anything to help LGBT people” and I’ll show you a gay man who hates black people and is still scared of his anti-gay father.

    You choose to remain ignorant of the simple factual reality that President Obama is in fact the most pro-LGBT President in the entire history of the United States of America.

    you can google as hard as you like but you will find ZERO derogatory and prejudicial anti-gay statements from him. NONE.

    I’m not an American citizen. I’m a brit-canadian, but I do spend half my time living in the US as i am one half of a bi-national couple.

    So, rather than you complaining about what Obama “hasn’t done” (meaning, of course, that you’re either ignorant of what he has done for LGBT people by lack of being informed, or by your own chosen willful ignorance) how about you tell us all, instead, whom you will be voting for in the next Presidential election?

    LGBT Issues seem to be a very big concern for you. I understand that. So, who did you vote for in the last election and whom will you be voting for in the next one?

    here’s a quick little look at what Obama *has* done since being elected President.

    were these things you were not aware of or are they things you choose to ignore?

    but i would love to know whom you feel LGBT people should vote for in the next election, and if possible I’d love to see your own webpage where you articulate you sociopolitical thoughts in a direct and clear manner.

  • Andrew B.

    Rick Santorum needs to repudiated immediately. He is simply a christian statist combining the worst parts of both parties. I am no fan of statist government so I am not a fan of Obama, but if Santorum win the nomination I will vote for Obama.

  • Keith

    Kiwi all you need to do is look at pretty much all of the comments here on queerty and other LGBT sites whenever there’s a story about Obama to meet LGBT people who do not like Obama and think that he hasn’t done enough at all. Hell even Dan Choi said how Obama has been the worst president when it comes to LGBT rights.

  • GBM

    Obama is NOT black at all he’s what used to be called mulatto or what’s now called being mixed race/biracial. Kiwi is conveniently ignoring Obama’s white mother. I’m black and I am so because both of my parents are black/African American. This is not the case with Obama. I’m not happy with Obama since he promises all of these things yet does none of them. He’s gotten us into multiple wars without even having the balls to do the right thing and go before congress and have congress declare war like every other President has. He’s spend crazy which is driving us deeper into even more debt. I voted for Obama in the first election but I am not going to vote for him again. If I vote at all I may just vote for whoever is running for the Green party.

  • LittleKiwi

    I call your bluff, GBM. truly. when people see Obama they don’t see “a half-black, mixed-race” man. they see a black man.

    you say “he promises all of those things yet does none of them”….uh…wrong.

    which part of this is considered “None”?

    i don’t see how i’m “conveniently ignoring his white mother”… Obama is not seen, nor has he been treated, like a “white person”, nor a “mixed-race” person.

    Obama, while biracial, looks like a black man. when he was growing up and walking down the street people didn’t see “biracial” or “half-white”. they saw BLACK.

    now, GBM, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re not what you say you are. at all. and your factually incorrect statement about Obama having “done nothing”…well…i just provided the link that proves you wrong.


  • Hyhybt

    My posts seems not to have gone through; if this turns up twice later, I apologize for the duplication.

    I’d considered casting a spite vote for Santorum… but there’s no such thing as a candidate so awful they have NO chance of winning if they get the nomination. So I picked the “least worst” of the available choices: Romney.

    And it *was* the best of the choices available: in Georgia, or at least in my precinct, there was no option for anything other than a Republican ballot. Which was only made clear after sticking the card in the machine and being presented with one.

  • Sean

    I voted for Rick Santorum yesterday in the Ohio primary. It wasn’t a vote for Tricky Rick, certainly. It was a vote to keep this nominating process going as long as possible. Watching the circus that IS this primary season is fantastic, knowing that the eventual Republican nominee (likely Mitt Romney anyway) will have been ripped apart from within. There may not be a nominee until August…and that only bodes well for the President. Look at Sarah Palin’s comments yesterday on CNN. Leaving herself open to still take this nomination, she knows as well as anyone that this could go to the convention. Rick Santorum spouts hate speech, yes. But he only says what Newt and Mitt are too afraid to say, lest they piss off independents. Don’t kid yourself, folks. All three of them want to end gay marriage in America. They want to stop gay adoption. They want to ensure that women have no rights to coverage for health care. At least we know where Rick stands. Mitt and Newt cloak their hate speech in metaphor and innuendo. A vote for Rick Santorum only serves to undermine Romney’s attempts to seal the nomination..and I’m ok with that for now.

  • Hyhybt

    “Don’t kid yourself, folks. All three of them want to end gay marriage in America. They want to stop gay adoption. They want to ensure that women have no rights to coverage for health care.”

    Of course. But no candidate gets done everything they campaign on, and Romney seems by far the least likely to make opposition to those things a high priority.

  • Daez

    I voted for Mittens in Ohio simply because Frothy scares the crap out of me. I do not want him one step away from the White House. I live in Ohio where Romney just barely scraped by (with less than 1% of the vote).

  • Sean

    They all seem least likely to win the presidency. Debates tip close elections and none of these Republicans can match up against the President, except maybe Newt Gingrich. But he likes to lecture voters too much to be popular.

  • Jeff

    It’s VERY stupid! Any LGBT person who votes for Santorum is voting for the enemy, and basically saying “Here just take my rights away!”

  • Jeff

    I agree with the person that previously commented and wrote that any vote for Santorum is just showing and telling Santorum that people out there actually support his hate and support him as a politician.

  • tjr101

    @GBM: Nice try, I seriously doubt you’re black.

  • GBM

    tjr I’m black and I don’t care if some anon. troll like you thinks I somehow can’t be black at all.

  • LittleKiwi

    GBM there’s a very easy way to prove you are who/what you say you are.

    i’m not buying it. Every person of colour knows that in a prejudiced world it doesn’t matter how “light” the shade – black is black.
    nice try, liar. :D

  • oker zaude

    @Jeff: It’s sad that you believe that.

    Then again, this is a gay ghetto blog. Having to think for yourself is too much stress.

  • tjr101

    @GBM: Troll? Funny I have never seen you on here before. It’s usually the hit and run trolls that come on here and post garbage such as yours.
    My parents are also of different races but like Obama if you saw me walking down the street you wouldn’t know the difference. Mullato?? Black people don’t even use those terms anymore.

    My guess is that you’re just an anti Obama troll( most likely a Gay Republican but too ashamed to admit) trying to change the topic of discussion.

  • LittleKiwi

    tjr – exactly. it’s so obvious.

  • Dallas David

    In Texas, each political party organization got extra perks based on how many voters participated in primary elections. I don’t recall exactly what the perks were, and I don’t know if that’s how other states do things, but’s it’s something to consider.

  • the crustybastard

    A Public Service Announcement:

    If you defend Obama’s farce advocacy by insisting, “he’s only the president — he can’t make laws! Only Congress can do that!” then please don’t say things like “President Santorum will bring back DADT, ban abortions, and make being gay illegal!”

    Seriously, does not compute.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hyhybt

    @the crustybastard: Either DADT or a full, outright ban could be done easily by executive order. Unlike, say, *removing* DADT when it was an actual law.

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