Is It So Terrible That Elton John Made $1 Million Performing for Rush Limbaugh?

Yesterday Rush Limbaugh married his now-fourth wife, Kathryn Rogers, in Palm Beach. Among the paid entertainment wowing guests? Elton John, who earned a reported $1 million to fete the homophobe’s repeat nuptials. Should Elton be shamed for accepting the cash?


There are reasonable things the LGBT community can do to disavow support for people who make a career out of gay baiting, and there are unreasonable things. The latter category could includes boycotting an entire mega-conglomerate corporation for an offensive television ad. The former category could include refusing to go to an Buju Banton concert, no matter how much you like his beats, because he calls for the murder of our people.

And that’s where Elton’s flaw is. He is directly supporting Mr. Limbaugh and his endeavors — his future happiness! — by agreeing to perform at the man’s wedding. It will be Rush who writes out the check to Elton for the seven-figure sum; money that, let’s all face, Elton doesn’t really need. And even if his intention was to donate the cash to a LGBT youth group, it’s already bloody money, and tainted.

We don’t need to revisit Rush’s entire history to remind you how he’s used his radio show to taunt queer public officials, public citizens, and even families. For the same reason black NFL players weren’t on board with Rush possibly purchasing; Rush is a race baiter.

Elton John doesn’t have make it his day job avoiding second-handedly contributing to the lifestyles of bigots. If he accidentally tunes in to Rush’s radio show, he needn’t be burned at the stake. But Elton would be better respected if he didn’t go out of his way to directly play a role in bettering the life of a man who’s working vigorously to deny equality to queer Americans. Just like you can avoid ExxonMobil or BP gas stations because they’re anti-gay or anti-environment, while still not bankrupting your soul by buying petrol.

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    Elton’s performance with Eminiem a few years back was bad and caused a lot of persons to question their support of Elton. And yes Elton has done a lot of good for Gay causes. But I am sorry he can not get any kind of pass for this one. Rush Windbag (who has been the subject of many rumors of George Alan Reekers moments including thin hispanic boys on his jaunts to what he calls “tropical paradises”) has a lemming like following of millions who hang on his every word, And he has consistently gone out of his way to bash all things Gay.

    Elton John in my eyes wiped out all the good he has ever done for the Gays and showed himself to be nothing more than a greedy hypocritical bastard who values nothing more than the almighty dollar……..

  • Kalamzoo Kid

    Wow. Marriage is so sacred that he’s had four of them now. Can I have one?

    Marriage = 1 man + 1 woman – 1 woman + 1 woman – 1 woman + 1 woman – 1 woman + 1 woman.

  • whatever

    I support Elton because queerty is against him. That’s usually how I choose my positions.

  • hephaestion

    Wow, this is outrageous to me. Elton’s presence at Limbaugh’s wedding is unacceptable. It is tantamount to saying “fuck you” to all the innocent gay people whose lives have been devastated by Limbaugh’s campaign to destroy and dehumanize all gay people over the past 20+ years.

  • Luka Brazzi

    I can’t decide who’s the bigger WHORE in this situation – the gold digging trollop who will climb into bed with that racist, homophobic swine for access to his $400 million, or the gay rights crusader who shrugged off everything he believes in for a quick $1 million. He’s trashed his career as far as I’m concerned.

  • alan brickman

    Sad…I knew Elton was all about himself…and now I know it officially…

  • SugNight

    Elton must need a new pinky ring…and bad.

    UNLESS Elton donates every penny of his earnings to Marriage Equality AND lets Limblaaaaach know it, then he’s a total money whore and has to be punished (a boycott will hit him where it apparently hurts).

  • SugNight

    Hey PLAYS WELL….you should have put a warning on your post….the visual of Rush with a thin Hispanic boy made me lose my breakfast! It’s now burned into my brain forever, reason enough for a lobotomy or a good stiff drink…..or twelve.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Since ego has been raised to a virtue, I can’t say surprised by Elton.


    @SugNight: I sorry, when I first heard those rumors my brain was permantely scared also, but ya know what they say……misery loves company :-p

  • AlanReeser

    I would’ve preferred Elton telling that pill-popping gas bag to donate $5M to marriage equality in his own name in addition to the cool $M he picked up.

  • dellisonly

    Someone took their stupid pills. Elton John TOOK a million dollars from a homophobic racist bigot. A good portion of his earnings does go to his AIDS charity. Elton John just made Rush Limbaugh donate six figures to AIDS research. Exactly where is the problem here?

  • Jimmi

    Elton is a self-hating gay.

  • dukeofhurl

    @whatever: It’s neat how you can think for yourself.

  • Bisexual Vampire

    It’s about the dollar. People will do anything to make a million dollars. However, Elton may be already rich, but still a million is a lot of money that he my use just to spend on condoms and KY.

  • ausfahrt

    So when Kathryn was 10 yrs old, Rush was damn near 40 yrs old. Pedophiliac anyone?

  • David Ehrenstein

    Next: Elton will divorce David Furnish and go back to his first wife.

  • reason

    The arguments ring hollow to me. Suporting Rush’s future happiness? I doubt Elton not showing up would have broken Rush’s heart, it may have just lead him to say a few more derogatory things about LGBT on his next show. Simlar to NFL players not wanting to play for him, absolutly not, to play for Rush would mean to directly contribute to Rush’s wealth. I have no problem taking wealth from bigots, you can even try to screw them on the deal. Take the money and have a good time or spend it helping the cause. It is one million less that Rush has to give to other bigots that he does business with or use to hurt other people with. If you are directly working to make a bigot money that is another thing. Never fail to empower yourself at a bigots expense.

  • Jimmy

    Wow, Queerty gets one right. It’s been so long.

  • FAEN

    Elton absolutely disgusts me. The duet with Eminem, the knock on marriage(until he tied the knot), the lack of awareness on how most other GLBT’s have to struggle under horendous, discriminatory laws, and now perfoming for RUSH of all people. This man has no self esteem or honor. And for what? A million dollars? How much money does Elton need?

    He’s a DISGRACE to our community.

  • Lamar

    I think it depends on what he does with the money, for instance if he donated it to a charity that helps closeted gay teens then not only is he helping his kind he would piss of those who hate us at the same time which is a win-win if you ask me.

  • ewe

    Yes it is ok because we cannot tout freedom in this country otherwise. Having said that, we all know Rush Limbaugh does not even believe the bullshit he says on the air. We live in a controlled society where others are making the decisions and even these two are just pawns. Elton John has to get the haters off his back for saying Jesus was gay. This is his submission. Big fucking deal. I don’t give a fuck about these people.

  • Nathan

    What next? George Michael peforming at a Focus on Family Event?

    Even if he does give the money to a charity, I hope they have the good sense to politely say “no thank you” or they won’t be much better than Elton John.

  • tr

    first: Thanks Queerty for actually having weekend posts!

    but yeah from a moral standpoint preforming at rush’s 4th wedding is a bit like singing at CPAC or a highly intolerant church (although probably not as intolerant as the shall be unnamed hate-group which calls itself a church located in kansas, I don’t think rush is as bad as those clowns)

    however, If his 4thwife is a big fan of elton than all the power to her if she convinced her now husband to have elton preform at the ceremony.

    Also lets hope that a good portion of this one million goes to elton’s charitable foundation.

    honestly I’d rather have elton co-host a show while having control of the mic on and off switches.

  • JAW

    Elton was right… for a bunch of reasons…

    It shows that the homophobe rush needs the gays… he can’t throw a good party with out us… bet that there were a bunch of other gays that helped out… The brides Hair stylist, the wedding planner, florist, caterer, etc.

    Anytime Gays can take money from the ditto head is a good thing.

    Elton has always supported the family in many ways… starting with being a spokesman for AIDS charities etc… long before most other celebs did… The million bucks also paid all of Elton’s support staff.

  • ewe

    @JAW: Exactly. These militant homophobes call on gay people for their personal satisfaction. It is the height of hypocrisy.

  • fredo777

    What in the hell? Even if he gives the money to charity, they should turn it down b/c it’s Rush’s money? What are you, crazy? Money is money + if helps support a good cause, they’d be stupid to refuse it.

  • JAW

    Just had a thought… perhaps we should go to his and other conservative blogs and sign up like we are fans… and ask rush what the hell he was thinking giving money to the Gays… could he not find a straight entertainers willing to work for him… then we would have his “friends” make fun of him also… good way to humiliate the asshole

  • Jack E. Jett

    I would feel much better about it if he were to donate it to charity.

    And by charity, I mean the Jack E. Jett Primo Weed Foundation.

  • Nathan

    So I suppose if Al Qaeda were to donate $1 million dollars to a 9-11 charity, it would be okay for them to accept it, cuz after all, money is money?

    Right. Nice values you have there.

  • Kieran

    Hopefully, Elton will do the right thing and donate every cent to a worthy gay rights organization——in Rush Limbaugh’s name.

  • fredo777

    @Nathan: Why would Al Qaeda ever donate anything to a 9-11 charity? Not even a logical example. Tsk tsk.

  • dvlaries

    Rue’s gone, but we get to keep Elton.
    Not one of our better weeks.

  • fredo777

    @dvlaries: Are you suggesting that Elton should be dead because he took some money from Rush Limbaugh?

  • dvlaries

    @fredo777: Of course not!

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind if used Rush to plug that gushing oil…


    Elton John once stated that when he was using drugs he was a whore……Not it seems he is simply a cash whore…………

  • Jonathan

    I don’t care whether Elton played the wedding. Rush Limbaugh is an asshole. Elton John is not.

    The best answer to these right wing morons is to take their money and spend it to further our own interests. Why shouldn’t we? The churches do it all the time, and we indirectly (through the taxes we allow them not to pay) subsidize it.

    At least in this instance Elton is taking the money – what he does with the money will be interesting.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Limbaugh was willing to spend 1 million dollars, so that he can go on his radio program and claim that he isn’t anti-gay, because he had one at his wedding. And then he will tell all his listners how we are no damn good, and don’t deserve “special rights” like ENDA, or equal marriage. Elton John is Limbaugh’s stooge, and he doesn’t even know it.

    This reminds me of the black people who were campaigning for David Duke, when he ran for congress back in the early nineties.

  • Ron

    I would ALMOST want to give Elton a pass if he were a newbie musician who really needed the bucks and this was to good to pass up. But as one the richest pop stars on the planet he obviously doesnt need the money. First Eminem and now this, I cannot be bothered with Ms. John any longer.

  • Ephram the Egg Enthusiast

    Love it, Kalamazoo Kid!

  • Evan

    Um…*taking dirty money away* from evil bigots is a *good* thing. And who cares if the wedding guests got a few hours’ enjoyment out of it? They watch the gay man sing, they gay man takes obscene amounts of money from their host, win-win.

    One could almost argue that it would be wrong to let Limbaugh keep the million dollars.

  • B

    No. 30 · Nathan wrote, “So I suppose if Al Qaeda were to donate $1 million dollars to a 9-11 charity, it would be okay for them to accept it, cuz after all, money is money?”

    But if we found their bank account and took $1 million as reparations and gave it to the same charity, that would
    presumably be OK.

  • reason

    @Nathan: Of course I would take the money, then give it to a defence contractor to make some missiles, transfer the missiles to the airforce, and use it to blow Al Qaeda up. All the assets I could seize from them I would use to fight Al Qaeda and compensate the victims of their ruthless crimes.

    Is BP’s money to dirty for those suffering on the gulf coast for them to take?

    It won’t replace or make good on what has been done by Rush, BP, or Al Qaeda but the victims at least get something to help them in future endevours.

  • B

    Maybe Elton John took the gig because he felt sorry for
    Rush’s new wife. Would any of you want to marry that tub of lard?

    It’s kind of a Faustian bargain – lots of money in the short term with long term negative consequences for his poor wife as she is doomed to live with him, “until divorce do us part”. Hope she read the prenuptial agreement carefully. :-)

  • Vegas Tea Room

    I hope Rush enjoyed Elton’s version of The Chicken Dance.

    I assume Limbaugh also requested the Macarena and the Electric Slide.

    Whore does as whore iz…

  • jason

    Elton is a misguided old fart as far as I’m concerned. He seems to have this elitist air about him, hobnobbing with the rich and making money from it. If I saw him in a bar, I’d give him a piece of my mind and tell him he’s not welcome in the gay community.

    You were better as a closet case, Elton.

  • Webber

    I suggest you review Elton’s charitable history since he’s raised or donated directly over $200 Million dollars to various charities and institutions including the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Here’s a link to just some of the totals: He won’t pocket Rush’s dirty money or even blow his nose with it, but he’ll put it to good use. Attacking him for picking Rush’s pocket to support works Rush would never contribute to directly is, well, GAY.

  • Dame Helga von ornstein

    I could not agree more with post #1. I have been hearing the rumors for years and found it very interesting how an entire floor was shut down during his Hawaii incident when he had to be hospitalized. Why would an entire floor have to be shut down just to roll this hippo out on a stretcher to an ambulance? That kids arm must have really been locked in up there.

    To this day it has never been reported what the real reason was for his hospitalization and I would not believe it even if it were reported.

    This marriage is a sham if ever there were one. Rush looks very uncomfortable in live tv interviews. If you look closely at his face you can tell he knows the press has something on him that is concrete and sooner or later someone is going to bring it up. I bet whoever that three-legged kid is he and his family are being well taken care of, courtesy of ol’ Rush.

    He has no problem forking over $1 million for girl to get up on stage and bang out a few songs on her piano but refers to those who turn down Starbucks amazing offer of $9 an hour (part time) and Wal-Mart, or should I say China-Mart at $7 an hour a bunch of lazy bums.

    Only in America folks. Only in America.

  • Gorbeh

    I don’t think Elton did wrong, if you think about it it hurts Rush’s image by hiring one of us at his wedding. And for him to do that he must like Elton’s music…that means Rush likes a homo!

  • Dan

    Elton John is such an Uncle Tom. Doing it for the money, is my bet. Or are he and Limbaugh best buds? It is just plain creepy. He may as well get a Princess Diana blow-up doll and sing one more nauseating round of Candle in the Wind. Now THAT would make a great youtube.

    EJ, you are dead to me. I’m tossing my old EJ collection in the trash.

  • mikeandrewsdantescove

    I’m disappointed that he would perform for Rush. Also, his support of Eminem is unbelieveable. Elevator gay bashes Adam Lambert, Lance Bass and Clay Aitken.

    Jakub Stefano

  • sandro

    What about Ellen Degeneres?

    Like Elton singing in Douche Limbaugh’s wedding, isn’t it upsetting to see Ellen Degeneres as the new face of Homophobe Gangstah’s Vitamin Water? I myself boycott it.

  • dvlaries

    Read up on Rush at ruthlessreviews, you’ll feel a little better.

    “Try to imagine Rush voluntarily entering a fist fight with an able bodied male remotely his own size. It’s nearly impossible. Now try to imagine him saying, ‘Look, I don’t want any trouble,’ to a midget who just smacked his mom across the face. Fits perfectly. … This is [the conservatives] rhetorical John Wayne? Good luck, pussies.”
    – Erich Shulte,, Dec. 2005

  • jason

    One wonders if Elton got paid to sing with Eminem at the MTV awards some years back. Does anyone know?

    If he did accept cash, it’s concerning. It suggests that he may have the morals of a prostitute.

  • Jon

    @Kalamzoo Kid: OMG I’M from Kalamazoo Too!!!

  • B

    No. 49 · Gorbeh wrote, “I don’t think Elton did wrong, if you think about it it hurts Rush’s image by hiring one of us at his wedding. And for him to do that he must like Elton’s music…that means Rush likes a homo!”

    … an alternative explanation is that his new wife likes Elton’s music, and either Rush was being nice to her or he knew what she could withhold from him if he refused. He may be a tub of lard, but like many other man, he thinks with only one part of his anatomy, and it is not necessarily his brain.

    Thinking with the organ between your legs rather than the one between your ears is one thing that many gay men and straight men have in common.

  • jeffree

    Elton has some ‘splaining to do.
    If the money goes directly to charity, then maybe he’ll be seen as robbing the rich to give to the poor.

    His Public Relations person needs to act fast to stem the bad PR Elton is getting on this concert.

    P.s. i almost got thrown out of a gay cocktail party after the Eminem debacle, for questioning whether Elton may be “slightly unhinged” mentally. He still has a rabid fan base among ladies & gents of a certain age — as I learned the hard way !!

  • Black Pegasus

    I think many of you would be shocked to see who was
    in attendance of this gawd awful event. I read on the Huffington Post that 400 guests showed up for the pig’s wedding. Among them
    were Justice Clarence Thomas and James Carville just to name a few.

    As for Elton; what can I say other than saying I’m dissappointed
    by his actions. He’s a greedy selfish spectacle! So pathetic indeed!

  • B

    .No. 59 · Black Pegasus wrote, “I read on the Huffington Post that 400 guests showed up for the pig’s wedding. Among them were Justice Clarence Thomas and James Carville just to name a few.”

    I hope you were “shocked” in the sense of, “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in this establishment,” (followed by “your winnings, sir.”)

    Really. Clarence Thomas, James Carville? Is the pope Catholic?
    Surely all of us must realize that there are more than 400 very, very conservative people out of the U.S. population of nearly 300,000,000. To put it in perspective, we’ve had more than that many serial killers ( ).

  • Brian

    What an a-hole Elton is!!! He hires male escorts daily and pimps himself to Rush. A horrible role model for gay youth. I say we boycott his fat ass.

  • Bill Perdue

    How many times can 30 pieces of silver be divided into a million bucks?

    According to one internet source I looked at a denarius – a single piece of silver – was worth about $20.00 in current value. That would equal about $600.00.

    30 denari was more than enough to purchase a slave for a 7 year term of servitude.

    Limbaugh paid way, way too much for his lickspittle slave.

  • Jesse Helms

    At least my boy Rush married a real woman and not a man.

  • AlwaysGay

    A million dollars is a lot of money for one show. Donating that money to gay charities would do a lot of good because many need money. We all know Rush will use Elton performing at his wedding to deflect charges he’s anti-gay. The fact remains the status quo for gay people is to be subservient, docile and perpetually disadvantaged. Elton performing at his wedding didn’t change the status quo.

  • Jimmi

    I have to laugh at his listeners. He makes a fortune winding them up about Gays and Mexicans and then hires the Queen of Gays to play at his wedding and honeymoons in Mexico. The bigger laugh is that Elton’s voice has been shot for years and he sounds terrible.

  • Jimmi

    @AlwaysGay: The story here is that there are a set of rules for the rich and the elite–and then a set for the rest of us.

  • Frank

    He´s just another whore, he´d sell his own mother…what a has-been

  • Cam

    Elton has ALWAYS been only about Elton. Even when he pretends he’s doing something for others.
    He attacked gay groups for asking for marriage, saying civil unions were good enough, then changed his tune when he wasn’t able to adopt because the foreign govt. used his civil union as an excuse. Unless something effects him he doesn’t notice it. If Rush Limbaugh had ever said anything about Elton John, then Elton would have been trying to get the gay comunity to support him.

    He wanted some money, and it didn’t matter who was paying, he would probably have played at Fred Phelps church if Phelps had the money for the performance.

  • MasterSidious

    A million dollars transferred out of the hands of evil is a million dollars transferred out of the hands of evil…for whatever reason.

  • donsnyc

    F*ck Elton! I’m better off spending my money of Lady Gaga’s music.

  • ossurworld

    Elton should have given the money to a charity for the blind.

  • MasterSidious

    @Jesse Helms: If by “real woman” you mean “beard”, then YES.


    Actually both Rush (George Reekers in waiting) Windbag and Elton “Uncle Tom” John are feeling the heat from members of their communities for the wedding singer drama. If you listen to some of the rightwing lunatic radio shows Rush is getting shit tossed his way for hiring a “fag” to perform at his wedding, it seems that by having a “homosexual” perform it is “disrespecting the institution of marriage”………..

    Wake the fcuk up you inbred peabrains….99.9% of the singers, waiters, and hosts at any catering hall are Gay!

  • MasterSidious

    Limbaugh was CREATED by a homosexual–Google: Norm Woodruff.
    Back in the early 90’s Limbaugh had a regular call-in guest, some self-loathing gay Republican. Rush touted this as proof he wasn’t homophobic, just “against gays wanting ‘more-equal’ rights”.
    Limbaugh may take some slack from a minority of his fans, but mostly it’s a PR stunt to give him a pseudo-moderate platform for attack on the LGBT community.

  • Jai

    “Attacking him for picking Rush’s pocket to support works Rush would never contribute to directly is, well, GAY.”

    First off, how the hell do you know that Elton will donate any of that money to any work or charity? Did he actually state that? Why do you act like you know the guy personally when you don’t? And I will not call that “GAY” like you did, since I’m not 8 years old or equate “GAY” with anything stupid or lame. Seriously, grow up… you silly ‘mo. =D

  • Kevin

    @Jimmi: Elton’s a big old mess. This is, generally, what money does to people. You have to worship it to get it, you almost certainly have to give up your humanity to amass a great deal of it. Looks like Elton’s no exception to that rule.

  • Troy Boy

    Price of a private Elton John concert: $1M
    ‘Evidence’ gays will do anything for money: Priceless

    Thanks, Elton… You ass!

  • Chris

    It’s even MORE important to out Rush now. Someone out there must have SOME proof of his little secret life.

    And Elton can go hug a fucking landmine. Like he couldn’t make a million dollars anywhere else? How low of him. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. That old senile piece of shit makes us all look stupid now.

  • Kim

    GMAFB Half of you probably work for companies with homophobic policies . Are you whores, too? You purchase products from companies that don’t provide benefits for same sex partners. Are you hypocrites too. Look at the man in the mirror

  • Lefty

    I like elton john and think he’s woth a million.
    i don’t know who the other man is.

  • FunMe

    Is this a way of Rush to come out of the closet.
    Expensive wedding.
    Gay entertainer.
    Gold-digging BEARD.

    Hmmm … something to think about.

    As far as that other whore, Elton John is now PERSONA NON GRATA!

  • Mark

    What exactly is Elton responding to when he chooses to work and celebrate with Rush- on his 4th wedding, a man who has persecuted our community and lead the charge to deny us our right to marry? Breathtaking! Out of touch.

  • jeffree

    I hope that Elton played his hit song “Tiny Dancer” when Rush Lardbag & his beard/ wife hit the dance floor !

    I love me some irony!

    P.s. ELTON: Your PR posse needs to be handling this hot mess– you have a “Situation”

  • Hugh Knowit

    but Really was Elton John The best Rush could do
    was George Michale & Pete Burns unavailiable LOL

  • Jake

    If this was Madonna the bitter Queens working at Queerty would have crusified her. Of course it was awful, wtf was he thinking!

  • alan brickman

    this is no excuse to be so self loathing… David! straighten Elton out about this process….

  • alan brickman

    i agree..Madonna would have been crucified for this…but she would never have done this….

  • hf2hvit


  • loli

    I think it is a total breach of integrity UNLESS he takes Rush’s money to donate to the NO H8 cause to repeal ban on gay marriages. Then I love it! And it should be public. Thank you Rush for your help in repealing prop 8.

    But rushed proved to be a Republican. Cash trumps all.

  • donsnyc

    Elton John is a bitter old queen who would do sell his soul for money.

  • Wry Bred

    Really, really pathetic. For Elton to crawl out of this seemingly bottomless pit of hypocrisy and whoredom he’s dug, the donation of that money will have to be to one whopping good Gay cause and be indisputably verified. Wouldn’t hurt, either, if he mooned Limbaugh while he was writing out the check and handing it over. In public.

  • Mike

    Hey, why isn’t the new Mrs. Limbaugh wearing white? She a whore too?

  • Shawn

    Gosh, so many of you are so quick to crucify Elton without hearing his side.

    Maybe, just maybe, Elton was doing this to show Rush (and his wedding guests) that a.) Gay people aren’t afraid to stand up and be themselves among conservatives, b.) to use his presence to underscore the hypocrisy of the conservative’s anti-gay marriage views (look at how many people are talking about it–not just here but all across the internet), and c.) to funnel Rush’s MILLION DOLLAR check into his AIDS foundation.

    To me the truly heinous element of this story is that some poor woman actually has to have sex with Rush. Now that’s frightening!

  • pappy_mcfae

    The screaming Libertarian (as in free and free-thinking, not Republican light/Log Cabin Aunt Toms) in me says, “Elton John just took a million dollars away from the biggest pig fucker in the world. This is a time for celebration!!!”

    The guy who bristles when old tunes from his youth are turned to commercials, completely cheapening the meaning of the tunes in question, wants that Limey fuck’s head on a silver platter with some Brown Dirt from a whole bunch of Cowboys all over his Captain Fantastic face.

    Of course, if *I* could fuck Flush Lintball out of a Million, I’d do it in a goddamned heartbeat, and not think twice. And yes, you can bet the lion’s share would go to gay charities.

  • BillySaint

    Elton is a great ambassador to change hearts and minds for our benefit, so stop whining. If he can make a cool mil on the way then more power to him.

  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)


    P*ss off.

  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)

    @alan brickman:

    You don’t know Madonna!

  • Get Equal R @ Least Doing Something (John from England)


    Stop being such a whore.

  • swarm

    No. 28 · JAW
    “Just had a thought… perhaps we should go to his and other conservative blogs and sign up like we are fans… and ask rush what the hell he was thinking giving money to the Gays… could he not find a straight entertainers willing to work for him… then we would have his “friends” make fun of him also… good way to humiliate the asshole”

    @JAW Do you ACTUALLY think this isn’t commonplace? It happens all the time. It also happens at “tea parties” GASP I hate to tell you. Even Adam Lambert’s brother made up bogus signs and tried to “infiltrate” a tea party as a wack job right winger to blog about. The internet is the lowest common denominator. You sorta just proved that.

  • ewe

    It’s ok for Elton John. I would be laughing in the face of everything and everyone if i got a million dollars for a couple hours of work from a dirty homophobe. As for the rest of us… no it is not ok but them those the breaks folks. GET OVER IT. We have an environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico and global warming which is sure to kill us all. Those issues of morality trump Elton John and his shitty repetitive ballots. OY.

  • ewe

    @ewe: i mean ballads. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. whatever.

  • ewe

    @hf2hvit: When people have concerns for their personal living conditions, they don’t give a fuck about your nursing working conditions.

  • Queer Supremacist

    That was Elton John? I thought it was Mr. Belvedere.

  • compduck

    UNREAL, there clearly is No Tolerance from those that demand tolerance. Your desire for the world to accept the lifestyle and if they do not, off with their heads. Elton, as strange as he is, is more interested in helping others with his foundations then he is in ridicule. I am sure, not one person who receives a benefit from his toils, will turn it down because Limbaugh handed him a check. Besides, it is clear that not one person here has listened to his program on a daily basis. If you did you would not have posted these remarks. I for one do not care for Limbaugh, but I do listen and he is not hateful of gays or anyone else. As for Elton, good for him. He clearly displays the tolerance that yours demands of others that you fail to give. Tolerance is a two way street. I, will purchase any new record he issues because I know, his good work far exceeds your negative rants. Oh, there is no such thing as blood money unless one gets paid for killing some else and collects for it. Rush has never killed anyone.

  • Michael

    Good Lord. What does sexuality have to do with capitalism? See it for what it was – a $1 million business deal. What people do with their, gay or straight, earnings is entirely their own business.

  • Angela

    There’s one incident I didn’t see anyone else mention. In 1992, the survivors of Queen did a benefit concert for Freddie Mercury, who’d died the previous November. One of the bands invited to perform was Guns ‘n Roses, who’d released a song a few years before talking about ‘immigrants & fa**gots/they don’t mean sh*t to me/spreading some fuc*ing disease.’ Considering the fact that Freddie Mercury had died of AIDS, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis criticized Queen for inviting Guns ‘n Roses to perform at a benefit/memorial concert for a man who was one of those ‘fag*ots’ who’d died of that ‘fuc*ing disease.’ Elton John did a duet of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ with Axl Rose and stood with his arm around Axl Rose during it. A few months later, he performed with Guns ‘n Roses at the VMAs. This was years before Eminem. It looks to me that either Elton John has proclaimed himself, or someone proclaimed him, the Gay Ambassador. If you do a duet with him or in some way make a public appearance with him, the bigots assume all bigotry against LGBT is forgotten. Apparently, it works for the right-wingers because they’ve been all over this story saying Rush Limbaugh paying him to play at his wedding proves he’s not a homophobe. I, as a lesbian who had to endure that bigotry during the Reagan era in Texas and can state, for a fact, that nothing Rush Limbaugh or any of the rest of them has changed in decades, say it’s BS, that Elton John is apparently so far away from that bigotry he doesn’t remember what it’s like. Or he considers himself so saintly that one word from him speaks for the entire family. Either way, there’s no guarantee that million dollars will go to charity, but, even if it does, the right-wingers aren’t saying ‘oh, we’ve been so wrong. Gays are good people.’ They won’t change their opinion. They’re just saying we’re being dramatic and are trying to take over the country with our ‘Gay Agenda’ by forcing our chosen lifestyle on them with our inability to be tolerant of others. In other words, Elton John hasn’t changed a thing. The conservatives’ own definition of who they are is that they don’t want change. They’re the ones who are correct, they are the ones with common sense. To disagree with them is to be stupid, un-American, and ridiculous. So Elton John singing ‘Crocodile Rock’ changes nothing in their minds. Sorry for the long post.

  • Ron

    It is easy and maybe even cool to be a gay activist in London, NYC and LA today, in the safe haven of the liberal and tolerant metropolis…

    But back in the 1970s, Elton John was the first to talk openly about his sexuality and paid a heavy price for doing so. People in some US cities went to the streets burning his discs right after his interview was published.

    Then in 1980 Elton John sang a song about gay teenage song, with an honestly romantic and beautifully filmed video clip which was bannned by the British TV operators.

    Recently, he wrote the music for a touching song dedicated to a gay teenegar brutally killed in Wyoming by two thugs.

    Last month he performed in Morocco despite hate protest by extreme Islamist about his sexuality…

    This is the real Elton John…. all those years supporting gay issues at difficult times through his talent and his musical and charity work.. It’ a shame that people who do not know him or his work bash him that badly… So much ignorance and ingratitude…

    Yes, Elton John sang with Eminem, went to the Soviet Union in the 1970s, he is going to Belarus this year, he is reaching out to people no matter their beliefs… This is music.

    Did he sing at the Wedding for the $1 million money?

    Well, Elton John has just rejected a $ 30 million contract for American Idol… Is he a money whore? I don’t think so.

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