hoov cares?

Is It Such a Big Deal a Fox Newser (And Presidential Kin) Would Dare Support Gay Marriage?

We’ve received no fewer than a dozen emails — okay, we just went and counted, we got 14 — with links to this Fox News op-ed from Margaret Hoover, the political analyst and great-granddaugher of President Herbert Hoover. The piece is remarkable, our emailers tell us, because it’s a FNC personality coming out for the M-word. Which is great and stuff, but also: The pro-marriage side of Perry is being argued by Ted Fucking Olson, the uber-conservative, and so some FNC byline isn’t all that impressive anymore. Particularly when she misspells Olson’s surname.

And meanwhile, this is the same woman who doesn’t want school children, even in high school, learning what “gay” means.

(But still: Good to have you on board, White House royalty.)

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