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Is It Time to Boycott Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs?

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Not because of the outsize ego or materialistic values he exports, but because in addition to schilling for Diageo’s Ciroc vodka, he’s in talks with the spirits giant to rep two of its beer brands: foamy Guinness and a little stout bottle called Red Stripe. Yes, that’s the same Red Stripe at the center of Boycott Jamaica, which aims to inflict the gay community’s version of economic sanctions on any product that sends money back to one of the world’s most homophobic nation.

We already examined how the boycott means you have to stop watching Wheel Of Fortune, buying Sony cameras, and reading Vanity Fair. If Diddy backs Red Stripe, does that mean you have to stop buying Sean John clothing, watching MTV (he produces a show for the network), and block the ABC network because it aired his movie A Raisin In The Sun?

Interestingly, word is Diddy won’t rep Guinness and Red Stripe beers to the mass market, like he does with Ciroc, but rather his deal would “likely involve a U.S. multicultural initiative on the brands.” Yep, targeting people of color with that homophobic Red Stripe brand!

Diddy: Possibly America’s newest homophobe!