Is It Too Much to Ask That Sex Offenders Don’t Have Sex In Public Parks?


Oh gays and their outdoor cruising: Whenever will we learn that wooded areas, rest stops, and bridge underpasses are not the best ways to get our rocks off? Twenty-eight men in Washington State just learned the hard way: They were arrested for sexin’ it in a public park.

An undercover investigation probably suitable for Dateline nabbed the 28 fellas in the past week after police, with nothing better to do than troll Craigslist (yes, really), noticed one too many postings on the site about hooking up in Spanaway Lake Park, northeast of Olympia and described by the state’s Parks & Recreation Department as “extremely popular with many year-round activities.”

Why raid the park for guys having consensual sex? Because they’re doing it near families and kids. Meanwhile, while arresting the public lewdness types, “[i]nvestigators have found three mattresses, pornography and other sexual paraphernalia in the woods at the park. Among those arrested were registered sex offenders and a man who is HIV-positive.”

Okay, that’s pretty gross (the mattress and sex offenders part). Listen, we know there are plenty of married guys out there who want to keep the wife and kids while getting their nut off with a stranger in the woods. But stay away from places where kids play, okay? Even if you’re deep into the woods.

Especially now, knowing you’re in the company of sex offenders. Because really, ew.

(Spanaway Lake Park photo via)