Is It Too Soon For Richie To Meet Patrick’s Family?

looking weddingRemember last week’s episode of Looking when Patrick (Jonathan Groff) tried to compensate for his latest awkward fuck-up and invited Richie (Raúl Castillo) to be his date for his sister’s wedding and meet his family? Well, that day has arrived and so has Richie, who shows up at Patrick’s place clean-shaven, but just as scorching hot, of course. But is this, as Richie indicated earlier, happening too quickly?

This wedding is gonna be…DRAMA! Why else would Kevin (Russell Tovey) be flirting with Patrick while straightening his bow tie? Wait, why is Kevin at Patrick’s sister’s wedding?

Elsewhere in the City by the Bay, Dom (Murray Bartlett) is getting ready for his pop-up restaurant, which makes us wonder how the possible investors will enjoy his delicious-sounding signature dish peri-peri chicken. And what’s with the suddenly rocky relationship between Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) and Frank (O.T. Fagbenle)? What’s the real reason for their squabble on the beach? There are so many questions to be answered and only two more episodes left in this season.

Find out what happens when Looking airs on HBO Sunday at 10 p.m. Watch the preview below.

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  • gmx93

    It is TOO early, And Agustín is so right, Patrick’s slumming. He and Richie should break up, cause Patrick needs to date Kevin.

  • redcarpet

    You did not just say he was slumming. If anything Richie is. He has been nothing but earnest honorable and upfront. And he’s hot as hell. So what if he does hair?

  • andy0529

    This show is the reason why Showtime should pick up “Hunting Season”, too many bitter, judgemental assholes. I don’t know if it’s an East Coast vs. West coast deal but’s just a bad version of “Girls”. Thank Gawd it’s only 25 min.

  • dougmc92

    it’s a wedding- neither decided when the wedding of his siter would take place- and it would be an insult not to take his boyfriend….there are never right or wrong times- you just deal with them as they happen!

  • kayakriver

    @andy0529: I used to watch Girls, now I can say F**** Girls, I have Looking. I love the show.

  • scott609

    25 minutes is not long enough to tell the weekly saga of three guys. They should either make it a half hour show about Patrick, or a one hour show about all three of them.

    No, Patrick is not slumming. It is just that he is so much hotter than Richie. Richie is way smarter and intuitive, but he just doesn’t seem right for Patrick.

  • CHOAM88

    I’m glad we are all so shallow… If you’re labeling things by superficial means then Patrick is “slumming” In my opinion, Richie would be slumming because he’s got himself figured out. The only thing Patrick’s character has is a better job. I mean yes I hope the guy I fall for is a software designer over a barber, but that doesn’t mean I’d exclude a barber from my dating options; as long as you’re not a criminal or bad with what money you have or some other major flaw, it’s not a big deal

  • Zodinsbrother

    Is peri peri really so unheard of in the US. I mean there is a chain of peri peri restaurants here in the UK which is almost as alll pervasive as Starbucks.

  • NG22

    Remember when Patrick said Kevin was the gayest thing on two legs? I think Russell Tovey is the sexiest thing on two legs. He looks absolutely gorgeous with the longer hair and facial stubble. I just want he and Patrick to fuck in the bathroom. Jonathan’s chemistry with Russell in one-on-one scenes is great. They’re so hot together.

  • andy0529

    @kayakriver: I don’t watch girls either …..that’s the point there both slow, plodding with unlikable characters. Richie is the only honest person on the show besides the female character. Go to and watch “Hunting Season” and thank me later.

  • Cam


    Hunting Season? Never heard of it, I will check it out too.

  • Ron Jackson

    To sum up:
    Patrick is cute.
    Richie is not.
    Kevin is cute.

    Patrick should be with Kevin because he’s hotter and is richer than Richie who isn’t rich.


    wait. why are you Looking at me? Where am I?

  • scottnyer

    Hunting Season is awesome. It is basically a gay Sex and the City. It’s only 10 mins for each episode but they pack some much in there in one episode on a limited budget and it’s still great. You see more nudity. More passion between gays. Clever, quick.

    Looking is the opposite. It’s so sloooooooow. Languid-like. It does need to be an hour. Ritchie is super-hot to me. So, I wouldn’t say he was slumming. Unless slumming=job compensation. I’m not interested in the MEAN artist friend who’s paying the hooker (with what money?). I would rather find out more about his BF. But I guess every show needs a bitchy antagonist. I dig the 40yr old dude and his older/benefactor possible romance but again, it’s soooo slow.

    Oh and I think it’s too soon. I would’ve been like WTF as well, if Patrick sprang that on me. I have liked the last 2 episodes more than the 1st 2.

  • NG22

    Queerty, check out Russell Tovey’s Twitter account (even though I know you already are). His co-star just posted this black and white picture of him in which he’s only in his boxer briefs. It’s even sexier than I thought it would be. If he doesn’t get to show off that body on Looking this season, it’ll be a real travesty.

  • the other Greg

    Patrick is not slumming; he may be cute but with his personality he’s lucky to have anyone, despite being a “level designer,” whatever the fuck that is. The mystery is why Richie has put up with him even this long. Can’t imagine how attending this wedding would help! But it may be entertaining.

  • RayJacksonMs

    Hunting Season is nothing but a straight up Sex and the City rip off but not done nearly as well. And if the main guy on Hunting Season and his “Mr. Big” aren’t a mismatch then the two on Looking aren’t.

  • Hank

    Yes it is too soon, I only present a boyfriend if I was 100% sure that my family would well treat him, which is not my case and I think that neither Patrick.

  • stranded

    It is for them. We can clearly see Patrick is forcing this relationship. Richie has been honest about his feelings and Patrick is wishy washy, he likes Kevin and Richie, but Kevin has a bf, so he’s thinking if Richie is his bf then he can get over his growing feelings for Kevin.

  • darkorient

    @Zodinsbrother: I would like to know the answer as well. I suppose you’re talking about Nando’s? I am from Indonesia and Nando’s is also quite popular here in Southeast Asia. I can’t believe that nobody in the states, with its great diversity, has never heard of peri-peri chicken.

    On topic: Yes it’s too fast, but why are there people who prefer Kevin to Richie? Richie has been nothing but great, and Kevin has been nothing but a cheater to his boyfriend (emotionally). Is it because dating Richie would be slumming? Or because cheating is a delicious forbidden fruit? Or because Tovey is more famous? Because I’d choose Richie, every time.

  • viveutvivas

    What is “slumming”?

    If it is what it seems, when did it suddenly become okay or a positive quality to be a snob?

  • viveutvivas

    @darkorient, yeah right, no? In South Africa we have had peri-peri for many decades.

  • kismet

    the show is promising, but i do agree the pace is quite slow so it would benefit the show if each episode was an hour long. it would also allow the show to focus more in depth on each character.

    i don’t know what it is but there is something off and unnatural about O.T. Fagbenle’s acting or maybe the character he plays; just irks me for some reason. don’t want to sound negative but i am hoping they would re-cast his character next season. don’t think his acting fits in with the rest of the actors.. was also feeling that way about “Doris” in the beginning but she’s evolved with each episode and am beginning to like and appreciate her on the show.

  • Mdterp01


    Slumming? That wasn’t very nice. Richie may not make a lot of money but in terms of knowing who he is and not acting like a man boy he’s much more appealing than Patrick. Now granted when it was time for me to settle down, I’m not going to lie and say that one of the things I looked for was someone who was comparable to my educational and salary level, but that wasn’t the only thing.

    I make enough money to do the things and live a certain lifestyle that I always envisioned for myself, and while my man also has a professional job and therefore it makes things easier, I wouldn’t discount Richie because he cuts hair. Hell, I’d probably try and get him to open his own shop if it was something he wanted to do and just didn’t have the money.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Richie was hot with the facial hair and is now staggeringly hot without it. He also has the best heart and deepest feelings of any of the characters. I was concerned he and Patrick would fight at the wedding and split and he’d be gonesville from the show but not only has the show been picked up both Raul Castillo and Russell Tovey have been bumped up to full time cast members. I think Patrick pingponging back and forth between the two characters who couldn’t be more different types of gay men should make for interesting viewing.

  • wilfredo267

    Richie and Kevin end up together after realizing that they were both slumming it with Patrick. The End

  • gmx93

    But I mean, what does he have in common with Richie? Forget the salary, what about his interests and knowledge and etc? I mean he goes to a fortune teller for advice, and he believes her. They are so different, and I don’t mean it because Richie is latino. I am mexican and I relate more to Patrick. Richie’s just too low for Patrick. They don’t share anything and Patrick needs a wise thinking man, sure.. Richie’s more figured out, but so is Kevin.

  • Mdterp01

    I totally forgot to actually respond to the thread question. I think Patrick panicked when he saw how pissed Richie was (and rightfully so) after the incident in the park with that biatch Augustine. I think its way too early for the meeting of the family.

    As for the need for the show to be an hour long, I agree. Because of its pace, a half hour is just not long enough. There are really good half hour shows that move fast and are written and directed in a way that works. This show isn’t one of them and therefore would benefit from being longer. The past 2 episodes though have got me more interested in the show. I loved the intimacy of Patrick and Richie’s date day


    Well gmx, the phrase “opposites attract” exists for a reason. Is a guy going to a fortune teller a deal breaker? I mean I wouldn’t go to one but if thats how he wants to spend his money that is on him. Isn’t fortune telling part of someone’s spirituality? I tend not to judge when it comes to that kind of stuff. Yes, they are different and yeah I’m bi-racial Black/Puerto Rican and in real life Patrick would be more likely the friend I would have than Richie.

    My man and I are different in many ways and when we first got together no one thought it would last because we have less in common than we do in common. I’m Catholic and he’s an atheist. I prefer fall and winter, he prefers spring and summer. I dress conservative and he’s trendy. I like a wide range of music and he only likes rap, hip hop and R&B. I like to go to the ballet and opera and enjoy the arts and its really not his thing. I grew up in an upper class neighborhood and went to private schools and he grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood and had to go through metal detectors at his school every day. He has street smarts and I have none. I mean there’s a lot from looking at our backgrounds and upbringings that would make one think “how the hell did you two end up together?” I think the fact that we both have advanced degrees and are both professional did save me from some Augustine like comments from certain people in my life though; particularly my parents who, because I am a gay man of color and was going to have a difficult enough road, wanted whoever I ended up with in the longer term to be my educational and financial equal.

    Meanwhile, its the longest relationship I’ve ever had and we’re now discussing marriage and children. We are different in many ways, but somehow it works. We balance each other out and some of the things we do have in common are the most important things we each seek out in a relationship.

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