Is It Worth Vilifying Sean Hayes When the Gays Have Plenty of Haters Already?

SOUNDBITES — “As I read the thousands of tweets and comments on in response to Sean Hayes‘s decision to come out–many of them catty “What took you so long?” remarks–I wonder how many of these people are also calling Ashburn’s Bakersfield office to demand his resignation. How many of them have seen Kirby Dick’s amazing documentary Outrage and taken action to help unseat the closeted politicians featured in the film? My predecessors at The Advocate weren’t driven solely by the bottom line in their unending push to get O’Donnell and Hayes out of the closet–coming out really is a noble and wonderful thing. But as a journalist I know–as they did–that many more people will be drawn to stories about celebrity than they will be to stories about people like Roy Ashburn. Still, as a gay man who is unequal in the eyes of the law, I can’t help but think we’d do ourselves a favor if we embrace people, like Hayes, who willingly (and on their own timetable) come out of the closet and save our anger for rooting out–and kicking out–the hypocrites who are determined to keep us down.” —Advocate editor Jon Barrett on the heinous reactions to Sean Hayes’ coming out in his magazine (via)