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Is Jessica Simpson’s Dad Joe Gay And Being Banned From Her Wedding?

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Joe Simpson apparently has a thing for twinks, and it’s coming between him and famous daughter Jessica.

This is some tea you should take with a fairly large grain of salt, but here goes:

The National Enquirer is reporting that Jessica Simpson is furious with dad Joe, who is alleged to have privately come out to friends and family over the recent years, and is looking to ban him from her wedding to former NFL player Eric Johnson.

One of the Enquirer’s shadowy “sources” states that “Jessica’s relationship with her father has deteriorated so much she doesn’t want him at her wedding…She’s afraid he’ll make a spectacle of himself, or worse yet, start something with (ex-wife) Tina.”

The gay talk about Joe Simpson hit a fever pitch last year, when two of his alleged gay lovers were outed by the press. One was 21 year old aspiring model Bryce Chandler, who was connected to Joe via back up dancer circles and friends that were close to Ashlee and Jessica Simpson.

The other was a 34 year old escort who did an interview with the Enquirer complete with polygraph in which he admitted to an “unprotected” three hour session with Joe in the New York City Mandarin Oriental hotel.

Now before you’re too quick to discount any stories from National Enquirer as made up fables from a faded rag, remember that they were the first to break the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story that destroyed his candidacy for President.

Of course, neither Joe nor Jessica have given any comments to debunk or substantiate the rumors, nor has Joe officially come out of the closet, although with years of stories and rumors about his sexuality with nary a peep from his camp, the likelihood of him coming out is probably akin to that of Jessica Simpson having a #1 single again.