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Is Jillian Michaels’ New Weight Loss Show Unrealistic And Terrible?

The schlock level is embarrassing from moment one. In the intro, Jillian dishes up the premise of the show: that she’s making housecalls to the people who need it, the overweight and desperate. But here’s the twisty gimmick: she only has five days with the contestants (or whatever they are) to change their lives. This is ridiculous. It upsets me because this is basically continues the line of bullshit that overweight people are constantly fed: that you can make a quick change. Sure, in five days these people might learn some things that will be of use to them but I can’t imagine five lousy days of bootcamp are going to change your physical life forever.

—Claire Zulkey, writing in AV Club, about the terribleness that is Losing It With Jillian, the Biggest Loser spin-off from lesbian trainer Jillian Michaels [via]

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