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Is Joe Solmonese Back in Obama’s Pocket?

Sometimes accustomed to playing Barack Obama lackey and, less often, his critic, HRC president Joe Solmonese wanted to be at the president’s signing of of a federal employee benefits memo because he “wanted to be there … to hear what the president had to say … about DOMA … about the recognition that he needed to not just undertake the acts that he did, but really call on Congress to give him what I see as the other half of this equation, which is the health care benefits.”

Which is all well and good, but we keep hearing from readers who think Joe is there because he’s part of the very establishment that’s withholding our rights, and not a strong enough challengers to the boys’ club that’s barely moving on equality legislation. They see Joe’s attendance at yesterday’s signing (standing behind Obama, applauding, smiling) as a photo op for HRC; Joe standing there told viewers that gay America is pleased with Obama’s efforts. Which we are, but barely.

Joe also says he had a chance to speak privately with Obama, Rep. Tammy Baldwin, and Sen. Joe Lieberman about getting new legislation on the president’s desk. He did not speak to the president about the letter he sent him — you know, the one where he finally called out Obama on all his misdeeds?