Is John McCain’s Campaign Actually Making Fun of His Opponent’s Gay Stupidity?

This is a new web spot from Sen. John McCain’s senate re-election campaign, and he very likely approves this message. It’s an attack on J.D. Hayworth, who McCain is trying to paint as a crazy person. It could almost work!

Were the messenger not equally trafficking in lunatic propaganda.

You know Hayworth as the guy who fears gay marriage will lead to man-horse marriage. Not lost on McCain’s spinmasters, they dreamed a cute little graphic to represent the ridiculous claim. It’s something even we can appreciate, because Hayworth’s fear is founded in fallacies.

But there’s something bizarre about McCain pointing out other people fearmongering about gay issues. After all, it’s McCain who’s still pushing the theory that letting openly gay soldiers serve in the military will somehow harm recruitment, retention, and readiness. Where’s the LOL ad show McCain getting reamed in the rear with a submachine gun?