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Is Johnny Weir Too Gay for ‘Stars On Ice,’ the Gayest Tour of the Gayest Sporting Event Ever?

Nevermind that figure skating is the gayest competitive sport around, but apparently Johnny Weir is too gay it. So claims a source tattling to GLAAD about the Stars on Ice Tour, whose sponsors (Smuckers and IMG Entertainment) didn’t want homogay Weir part of their machismo fest. Because he’s “not family friendly.”

As GLAAD notes in a post that this website actually found worth repeating, “To say that Weir is ‘not family friendly’ would be a clear jab at his perceived sexual orientation. Weir is extremely involved with his family. He is putting his younger brother through college, and supports the family financially because his father’s disability prohibits him from working. Weir’s dedication to his family can be clearly documented in the Sundance series, Be Good Johnny Weir, which follows him and his family and friends through his life and career as a championship skater.”

Moreover, Weir is arguably the best athletic role model around right this minute. His massager antics aside, Weir is a humble athlete, an eloquent public speaker, and an absolutely fantastic diplomat to young people. Not only is his skating talent unquestionable, but Weir is the roll-with-the-punches, speak-out-against-wrongs, work-your-hardest, and be-proud-of-yourself type that we should only hope fellow athletes aspire to be.

Weir isn’t the guy who kids should be hidden from. He is the guy families we be lucky to rally around.

And if the report is true (UPDATE: Weir says it is), and the sponsors of the Stars on Ice Tour ensured Weir wasn’t considered for participation, well then they’re most guilty of bad business sense. Because if there’s one guy who can put paying customers in those ice rink seats, it is this gentleman right here.

UPDATE: Stars on Ice spokeswoman Jennifer Cosgrove responds: “We are disappointed that there is untrue and inaccurate information being disseminated. Please be assured that the ‘gender identity and sexual orientation’ of cast members has never been a consideration in the selection of tour performers.”

(NB: Scott Hamilton, the married heterosexual figure skater, is a producer and co-founder of Stars On Ice. And we’ll have his bald head if he’s involved in this crap.)

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  • Flick

    GLAAD circulated this petition on their blog. The signatures will be used to confront the sponsors of SOI. Please help add to the numbers and sign.

  • Steven B

    I think you may be right about Weir’s ability to bring in paying customers to fill seats. By analogy, I recall last year’s American Idol tour where the winning contestant received moderate enthusiasm from the audience. By contrast, when the second-place, here-for-your-entertainment but too-gay-to-win-american-idol, performer took the stage the entire arena went bazerk, erupting in a thunderous applause that continued throughout his set.

  • fredo777

    If this is true, I will never purchase any of those sponsors’ products/services again.

  • j

    People should sign this, it’s much quicker than most petitions and less invasive. I think this guy deserves our support.

  • terrwill

    When Johnny qWeir was ranked number one in the US, the Figure Skating ASSociation refused to post his photo and only had a brief reference to him like 15 links away from the main site. They wanted the face of figure skating to be “more masculine” (huh?) It is disgusting and reprehensive that a sport so dominated by Gay men would put on such a homophobic face

  • terrwill

    Hit the button too quick! However I do not feel that anyone should support this movement to protest qWeirs excusion until he admits that he is a Gay man. Until he does so he cannot expect the community to back him.

  • Wild Puss

    Sign the petition, but better yet, flood their mailbox and let them know that Johnny’s “family” is not going to buy tickets.
    And let them know you’re not going to buy Smucker’s brands either.
    [email protected]

  • Cam

    No. 6 · terrwill
    Hit the button too quick! However I do not feel that anyone should support this movement to protest qWeirs excusion until he admits that he is a Gay man.

    Exactly, how am I supposed to get up in arms about their slight against gay men if the man in question won’t admit he’s gay?

  • fredo777

    I don’t give a rat’s a*s if he never admits that he’s gay. The fact that they’re excluding someone from their event just on the strength that he “seems” too gay is enough reason for me to not want anything to do with the event’s sponsors. I’m certainly not going to reserve my outrage until Jonny releases a public statement about his sexual orientation.

  • Dan

    Stars on Ice is owned by Scott Hamilton. All you have to do is listen to his commentary of skating events to hear his bias. Skaters who he signs to SOI contracts get the total ooooh ahhhh treatment. He uses his position as commentator to be a star-maker – gushing, and raving, telling back stories and whipping up excitement. If a skater is not part of SOI he is virtually silent. He rarely speaks of Johnny Weir. And when Johnny brings it to the big program, you can sense Hamilton’s begrudging praise once the routine is finished. It is a bare-faced bias that NBC should be accountable for.

    If Scott is commentator for Worlds later this month listen for it. It is unreal.

  • Cam

    @ No. 9 · fredo777

    I get what you’re saying but the odd thing is, and I don’t think that Weir gets this yet. If he officially came out I think they would be MUCH less likely to keep him out KNOWING that they could be sued, so he is playing THEIR game by staying in the closet. There are LOTS of gay skating fans, and if Weir came out in a big splashy way it would put a spotlight on the fact that they were not casting a three time U.S. champ, a World Bronze medalist etc….

  • terrwill

    @fredo777: Its tough for me. I am fairly quick to seek out and compose letters to the CEO of any org that hates on the Gays. Each and every time, I have recieved a personal letter back. The way they look at it, is that if you take the time to actually write a letter, stamp it, and mail it your message is important to the company. I am pissed and will certainly de-smucker my life. And Ole One Ball Hamilton is a freaking hyprocrite…..

    But once again Johnny qWeir wants to play both sides of the fence. As of now no one is discriminating against a Gay person, because qWeir refuses to state the words “I am Gay”. Spin it anyway you want, it’s tough to support a team member who refuses to join the team……..

  • AlwaysGay

    If Johnny acknowledged his sexuality publicly, you wouldn’t support him. So why come out when gay people won’t support and certainly heterosexuals won’t as we have seen with the bad scoring of his Olympic performances and Stars on Ice refusal to let him participate.

  • Cam

    No. 13 · AlwaysGay
    If Johnny acknowledged his sexuality publicly, you wouldn’t support him. So why come out when gay people won’t support and certainly heterosexuals won’t as we have seen with the bad scoring of his Olympic performances and Stars on Ice refusal to let him participate.

    What a twisted world you live in. I would absolutly support him if he came out, as would the gay community, the gay community is already leaning towards supporting him now why would you think that he wouldn’t be supported if he took that final step. This sounds like a desperate attempt to defend the closet.

  • Scottie

    Johnny does not need to come out because he was never IN. He’s about as open and out there as anybody I’ve ever seen or heard of. Give the guy a break….if anyone has ever seen him on his show or in interviews, he’s very open and honest. It’s sad and ridiculous that we have our own gay people on this site posting negative comments about him not officially “coming out”. Are you freaking serious???????

  • Cam

    No. 15 · Scottie said…
    Johnny does not need to come out because he was never IN. He’s about as open and out there as anybody I’ve ever seen or heard of. Give the guy a break….if anyone has ever seen him on his show or in interviews, he’s very open and honest.

    No, what you are doing is stereotyping the same way we keep telling hetrosexuals they shouldn’t do. On his show, he has talked several times about how in your face he is, but when asked about sexuality he clams up and says that who he sleeps with is his private life. So by saying that just because he acts flamboyant he is gay, well fine, if it is so obvious, then at his age, getting closet to 30 why not say the words?

  • romeo

    @Cam, saying the words is a very complicated thing with many consequences. In this case, I don’t think we have a right to demand it, however much I wish he would. Besides, I think he’s said it pretty much. He may choose to say it now, though.

    Here in California, I think Stars On Ice could be banned from venues in the state because our anti-discrimination laws include “perceived sexuality,” ostensibly to protect people from discrimination on mere assumptions. I believe it would apply here. California venues would be a big loss for that tour. Any California lawyers out there to clarify this. Do I have a point?

  • Cam

    No. 17 · romeo said…
    @Cam, saying the words is a very complicated thing with many consequences. In this case, I don’t think we have a right to demand it, however much I wish he would. Besides, I think he’s said it pretty much. He may choose to say it now, though.

    I agree, I just think however, that at this point in time, with ENDA possibly being voted on, with DADT possibly coming up for a vote, with Marriages just starting in DC and a case going before the Supreme court and all these other hugely important issues, I am not feeling like the community should expend a huge amount of energy for somebody who won’t say that they are part of the community. If he comes out, then fine, I will absolutly write a letter, but if he doesn’t I can just see the letter they would send back. “We are not discriminating against Johnny Weir for being gay as Mr. Weir has never stated that this is the case.”

  • terrwill

    @Scottie: I love his antics and how he has a fcuk you attitute towards the normally conserative acting figure skaters. I really want to support qWeir. But in this regard he is a total coward and makes zero sense playing the silly coy game. Everyone assumes he is Gay and unfortunately he is paying the price for being a Gay person. Its not like the red state haters are going to embrace him because he isn’t officially Gay. Instead of being so freaking selfish, maybe by stating the three words “I am Gay” he can do some good be a role model to some Gay kid, and at the same time call out the scumbags who are putting this garbage out there. Again I can’t show my support to someone who according to him doesn’t need it………….

  • David Ehrenstein

    Johnny thought he was going to escape “controversy” by not saying”I’m Gay.” He was wrong.

  • soul_erosion

    I’m hoping Johnny doesn’t want to have anything to do with Scott Hamilton’s Stars On Ice, but it’s a shame if that is indeed one of Johnny’s aspirations. Sure seems to be a slap in the face and whether or not I’m just one consumer amongst the masses, no more Smuckers will be on my shelves. This picture of Johnny at Elton John’s annual AIDS fund raiser just proves how likable he is without the Olympic medal he deserved. Scott Hamilton can spend the rest of his life being jealous & always having to look up to him, both in the figurative and literal sense.,,20332759_20349454,00.html#20751143

    Don’t pull a Sean Hayes on us, Johnny. We have your back.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Fuck Smuckers!

    The only closet Johnny Weir is in is the imaginary one some of you people create (all because he hasn’t made the stereotypical admission).

    You can’t be more OUT than Johnny Weir. He suffers more slings and arrows and crass remarks and slights than some people who HAVE said those three little infamous words, ‘Yes, I’m gay.’

    Everybody knows. It’s no secret. It’s not like he’s running around with some chick he passes off as his true love. He’s not pretending; he’s just being his gay ol’ self, and rightly telling everyone that who he sleeps with is no ones business.

    Sissy boys are always assumed to be gay (and usually are) and immediately abused because of it. The point of all this is that he suffers because of peoples perceptions, and some in our community who feel he’s somehow perpetrating a fraud of hetero-ness in his six-inches, affinity for furs, and jokes on his show about “enormous things” being shoved into him.

    Unlike what that vile Scott Lively alleged when he said people should care what other people do in their bedrooms, the simple truth is who we sleep with SHOULD be our own private affair. Isn’t that was what we fight for?

    Although if Weir was a masculine celeb with a bevy of bimbo “beards” I’d agree with you all. But he’s SO blatantly not.

    So, like I said, fuck Smuckers — and Scott Hamilton too for that matter.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    That should have been “in his six-inch heels…”. I got flustered. ;-)

  • Cam

    No. 22 · Taylor Siluwé
    Fuck Smuckers!

    The only closet Johnny Weir is in is the imaginary one some of you people create (all because he hasn’t made the stereotypical admission).

    The “Stereotypical Admission”?!?!? How Dare You try to claim that the admission which has gotten people fired, kicked out of the army, and kicked out of their homes, beaten etc… is some little joke that this guy should be exempted from because he wears tassles and uses the word “Fierce”. You need to take a step back and think, you are basically insulting everything that many many many people have gone through, all to defend somebody that won’t bother to come out. We’ve all done it, he’s getting grief because it’s assumed, there comes a point though where he will start being somebody like Sean Hayes in that staying in the closet and refusing to admit the obvious is just ridiculous and silly.

  • Taylor Siluwé


    It already is “ridiculous and silly”. That’s my point.

  • Scottie

    It’s sad, silly, and ridiculous that we as gay people have to vocalize being “gay”. Just living our lives in a decent, honest way with integrity is all that is necessary. And Johnny Weir is correct — it is nobody’s business who he sleeps with, just as it is nobody’s business who I sleep with.

  • Cam

    @No. 26 · Scottie

    Nobody is asking who he’s sleeping with. I’m just comparing him to that brave lesbian teen in Mississippi, or frankly anybody who walks down the street with a wedding ring on or walking with their spouse. By tying his coming out to “Who he’s fucking” you are doing just what the het bigots try to do to us all the time.

  • john


    Johnny should get a backer who can put together an ice / snow show featuring himself, any other interested Olympic skaters, or world class skaters from other countries, get a few of those mixed skating pairs, get Shaun White & Apolo Ohnu to do an exhibition piece, let them all sell their wares, tee-shirts, & brands via booths on the sidelines …..and you would have one big fat sold out house in every major city — now is the time to strike while the irons are hot !! Hey, you could even throw in a little rock & roll on the side !

    And you might even get a cable network to buy the TV rights !

    GO JOHNNY — light a fire under your PR firm !!!!!

  • romeo

    According to MSNBC, it’s Smuckers and IMG Entertainment that have branded Johnny not “family friendly.” Seems like an obvious boycott imperative here. What else does IMG produce? We all need to say away from jelly and jam, so Smucker’s is a no-brainer.

  • romeo

    And again, they are obviously discriminating against gay and gay-perceived people here.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Yeah, Romeo …

    Fuck the shmucks at Smuckers!

    *try to say that without spitting a little*

  • dallas

    [email protected] here is the e-mail address for stars on ice let them know what you think…..

  • tjr101

    I’m not much of a fan of Johnny Weir but I applaud him for being who he is without actually saying ” I’m a gay American” which so many on here long for. It’s quite obvious he’s being discriminated against by many in the ice skating establishment that are preoccupied with promoting a “masculine” image.

  • Scott

    Johnny Weir is edgy in the vein of Adam Lambert. Next to him the stars on ice tour is corny. He’s gone a different route to earn his money, he wants to appeal to a different demographic than little kids. He wants the rebellious people. Those that know talent when they see it. His Sundance bio proved this to me. If he went on this skating tour he’d be downgraded from star to supporting character. He needs to find a different way to present his talent to the masses and develop his own tour, with elements that have nothing to do with skating. Or he could join the Cirque du Soleil. They are a class act! When he make himself a big box office draw that’s the best way to give the middle finger salute to those who discriminated against him.

  • David Ehrenstein

    With a name like Smuckers it’s got to be shit.

  • samhain

    Obviously, in theory, “he should come out” makes sense, but another way to look at it: If he comes out, then people can express their ‘distaste’ as, I don’t agree with his choice; it’s against my religion; he’s just trying to make a political point; the poor guy must have so much to deal with what with being gay; etc…..instead, he’s forcing people to confront their discomfort with effeminacy, flamboyance, and “unmanliness” _independent_ of sexual preference and the dismissal that comes with it.

    I loved all the careless, incriminating newscaster commentary during the Olympics, since it, counterintuitively, exposed their homophobia more than if he was out. They wouldn’t have bothered with the jokes and insinuations, as he would have beaten then to it in a sense…which some might say is good, but sometimes the careless jokes and insinuations are _blessings_. You get the blatant homophobes at their most awkward (and without them being able to fall back on “hey I support gay rights, but…”), and even better, it exposes that kind of latent homophobia/heterocentrism/whatever by people who “support” gay people but who feel free to mock Johnny’s effeminacy.

    The guy is NOT in any closet (witness the E! Oscars post-show, the one guy he wanted to meet was some guy from Glee, who he told was “gorgeous”), and at the same time he’s not just putting it in the “I’m gay” box that everyone, gay AND straight, want him to.

    Shouldn’t we be talking about Evan Lysacek (gayest Twitterer ever: … Ace Of Base?! Bryan Lourd?! Giddy over Adrien Brody?!)

  • Sexy Rexy

    The only skater I know to win such acclaim without Olympic medals is Kurt Browning. But Kurt had four world gold medals and was beloved in Canada for his class, sense of humor and self-deprecation. Johnny, well, he does have a sense of humor LOL.

  • CooperComeOUt

    @terrwill: Well, he hasn´t admitted he is gay, as if that were something reprehensible, right? So then, until he does, I am not pressing anything.

  • CooperComeOUt

    @romeo: Fine, then let him come out and SAY so openly, stop all the doublespeak.

  • CooperComeOUt

    @romeo: Well, did you see the clip where he equates a massage with sex and goes “OH daddy!” Now, that is not exactly family-friendly, right? Until he comes out and says “I am a proud gay American who is being discriminated for being gay”, he is nothing but a self-absorbed media whore weirdo. Oh, yes, and an Olympian, of course.

  • CooperComeOUt

    @Cam: Johnny Weir is the Sean Hays of the skating rink.

  • Dawson

    Folks, He came in 6th place and 3rd in Nationals. He hasn’t been the U.S. Champion since 2006. The only World medal he has won is a bronze two years ago. Sorry folks but those are his numbers.

    Based on Johnny boys position than all 6th place finishers should be on ‘Stars on Ice’. The Olympics just ended and how many of you out there can even remember who came in 5th place in all four skating events? Try naming them without looking it up. Or better yet should Laura Lepisto be on ‘Stars on Ice’? What country did she skate for? Well she was placed sixth in ladies. Should Dube and Davisson be on the show? Or Pechalat and Bourzat? Those were the 6 place finisher in pairs and dance. Now try remembering who came in 4th and 5th. Should all of them be in the show too? All 36 skaters counting both pairs and ice dancers.

    It is called ‘Stars on Ice’ not who came in 6th place. Johnny has a following but most of those who recieved a medal do too and at least those ones won an Olympic medal.

    Johnny is refusing to go to the worlds this year. Wouldn’t he have a better case if he won at worlds and than he could make a case for himself. He came in 6th place!

    Johnny loves attention and playing the outcast. That is a role he has played for years. He is an American skater who embrases the Russian culture. He has been taking pot shots at Evan for years. This is an American tour and he isn’t smart enough to think that there might be a backlash? And he came in 6th since people keep on forgetting this.

    This is Evan’s time. To him the glory. Johnny has a T.V. show. He has been on all the talk shows. Not bad for someone who came in 6th place. But Johnny even with your following you have not proven lately based on your placement at worlds or nationals that you belong. If you were the defending national champion or had won a medal at last years worlds you could try to make a case for yourself.

    But there are only so many spots on the tour and a sixth place finisher with only a bronze two years ago doesn’t sound like your current resume qualifies you, gay or not. Win something currently and than you can talk. Instead you are not even going to worlds. It is Evan’s time not yours. Try to be as gracious as the American ladies. Grace and class are what skating should be about which sounds more like Evan than you.

  • jamison

    @Dawson: skaters who are competively less qualified are still on the tour, AND Stars on Ice has NEVER asked Johnny to join their ranks, even when he was a three time champ. so please refrain from ever commenting on this topic again.

  • fredo777

    @Dawson: First of all, you need to learn the difference between “then” + “than”. Also, you only needed to mention that he placed sixth once.

  • Jane

    I understand how the gay community might feel about Johnny “not coming out”. However if you have not followed JWs career over the last 10 years, it would be difficult to understand that the USFSA (skating federation) have been very negative towards him as it is….his reason for not “officially coming out” maybe to protect his career and his income. I would go so far as saying that it is not impossible that all 3 guys that represented US at the olympics are “closet” and have had to stay that way to protect the subjective scoring ie PCS during competition. Very sad but a fact that goes with a conservative skating federation.

  • Jane

    @ DAWSON….name for me one…just one….US male or female….. 3x US National Medalist thru 2006, Bronze World medalist 2008…..who has not been included in SOI…also note he was rejected by SOI as early as 2008….the year he medaled at Worlds!

  • Anne

    @Dawson: I don’t really see how Evan has anything to do with this all? You comment like this is about Evan vs. Johnny, but it’s not like Johnny is up against Evan for a spot on Stars on Ice, nor is anyone here dissing Evan’s skating skills?

  • Anne

    The Johnny Weir and Lady Gaga figure skating tour sounds wonderful.

  • Ian

    I love that you guys think Johnny Weir and Adam Lambert are “edgy”.

  • Jane

    A large media source could have a field day with this story. It opens up a huge number of deep seated political issues within the US and International Skating Federations Johnnys story may merely be the straw that broke the camels back. I hope he writes his book.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @jamison: What less qualified skaters? Name them, please.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Dawson: Dawson, you have raised some very valid points IMO. Comment on this topic as often as you’d like.

  • Catttt

    It’s always possible that the skating show people really do have a legit reason for turning Johnny Weir down for the show. Or they could have factored in what they see as not family friendly. He’s the kind of edgy performer (and Ian, he is edgy) I would go see, but I’m not their core audience.

    The thing that gets me is that his effeminacy brings out the hatred in those gays who think everyone should butch up. So not only does a guy like Johnny Weir face the usual homophobia – he faces hatred from other gays, especially since he refuses to talk about his sexuality.

  • Synnerman

    I wonder if the “family friendly” organization purges those skaters with criminal infractions too?

  • romeo

    @ Dawson: He should not have come in at only 6th. That in itself was gross discrimination. The judging for figure skating, the Olympics included, is too subjective, and allows for the kind of discrimination used against Weir. The fact that he came in 6th place speaks for our case, not yours.

    In fact, I think given the grossly subjective nature of judging, figure skating should be dropped from Olympic competition until the anti-gay bias can be dealt with. Nobody discriminated against gay people at the original Olympics, and they shouldn’t at the modern version.

    As for Stars On Ice, given their bias, their protestations to the contrary, we should give it and its sponsors a pass. This story is already in the mainstream media. For this particular entertainment, they want gay money for sure, but if they don’t want to employ us, fuck ’em.

  • zenflo

    Weir would be doing himself, and us, a favor if he would just get his sequin-lined self over the “saying it out loud” hurdle.

    Cheese and crackers, is there anyone who has seen him skate, or be interviewed, who would even remotely think he was heterosexual? He is a walking (or to be fair, gliding) flamer, and good for him.

    Still, it is 2010. As some have already pointed out, if a high school lesbian in Bumblefug, Mississippi, can take a stand concerning her prom date, why can’t Weir just put this to rest?

  • romeo

    Uh, Zenflo, the whole point of this thread is why he has been reticent about saying the “g” word. Skaters give up their adolescence, spend years in ass-busting discipline and isolation in order to have a shot at this. And he played their game so that he could use his talent and get his shot. And for that, these tight-asses shit on him.

    Parents of children with talent, and the kids themselves, should draw a lesson from this before committing themselves to the expense and sacrifice figure skating takes. Seriously, they should ask the recruiters hanging around local skating rinks, “Can you guarantee, after going through all this and getting up there that my kid will be treated fairly? Won’t be judged arbitrarily and dismissed summarily because of a perception that has nothing to do with my kid’s talent?” No prospective coach could make that guarantee. With the sacrifices involved, the coaches should just be flipped off since they ALL demand that skaters stay in the closet. Let them do figure skating with only 100 per cent REAL straight people. Fuck ’em.

  • zenflo

    @romeo: Hmm, er, um, “scratches scrotum absentmindedly”.

    Imho, if Weir were on-the-record-out, it would change the dynamics of his non-invite to SOI.

    I don’t think Hamilton would have the ball to omit Weir if he were fully out. Ironically, Weir’s full-outness would likely cause SOI to include him, fearing the larger media backlash.

    If you’re coy about being out, then you provide a much more shaky platform to rail against those who do, indeed, practice prejudice.

  • romeo

    Zen, I agree with you. But that is not the way the game has been played, and Weir played it according to the rules as they have been, namely, skaters stay in the closet. Commendably, Johnny did leave the closet door open enough to blind everybody with the rhinestones and bugle beads hanging in there, but to have any career at all, he made the understandable decision.

    Johnny’s caught in a bind here. It’s the skating promoters who are not abiding by their rules. Johnny played it their way. One thing, I think Johnny needs to politely kiss the Russians goodbye and move back into the daylight. I think that coach may have had an unhealthy influence on him in the regard we are discussing here. I think he needs to give her a big kiss and move on.

    Out or not, he could have done the elegant routine he turned in at the Olympics and thrown in a gravity-defying QUINT to boot, and he still would not have medaled.

  • Sam

    @terrwill: Maybe it’s just me, but homophobia is homophobia, whether or not the bigot gets his target’s sexual orientation right. In other words, if Smucker’s wants Johnny Weir off the tour because they think he’s gay, it’s homophobia, whether Johnny’s in, out, or not even gay.

    Yes, it would be lovely if every gay celebrity comes out, but why on earth would we give homophobic assholes a free pass just because the target of their scorn isn’t 100% out?

  • zenflo

    Romeo, an interesting point re: Weir’s Russian coaches/advisors and yes, that could be a factor. (I think Weir may be harboring a slight Anastasia fascination/complex, but that’s fodder for a different day, lol.)

    It just seems like Weir hedged his “coming out” bet on the wrong side, but there’s always tomorrow.

    As for Weir fans, they should make themselves heard by writing to the SOI website and perhaps sitting out this event. Nothing speaks more eloquently that a silent cash register.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 59 · romeo

    I agree 100%. No matter what, they weren’t gonna give him a medal. He offends them because he is unapologetically queer (and I don’t just mean gay).

  • Dawson

    Jamison may I remind you what America is about? It is about having difference of opinions. Based on your less than learned opinion those who disagree with you have no voice. Sorry for you for showing the whole world your ignorance.

    As Mr. Sexy Rexy clearly stated we are still waiting for your scholarly insight into who is less qualifed than our 6th place finisher? Times up, pencils down.

    ‘Star on Ice’ is privately own. You can support them or not. But based on Johnnys 6th place showing I think they made the right call. This sillyness about underscoring is so dumb. Ryan Bradley was underscored at Nationals and based on this same argument he should have taken third and Johnny boy would not have even been in the Olympics. Oh, I guess that is a fact people want to forget.

    Or the fact that Johnny boy has been putting down Our Olympic Champion for years. Not one person can defend how Johnny boy has been taking shots at Evan for years. Not a very class act in such a subjective sport. And not a class act for a family show. As the saying goes you are accountable for your actions. Trash talk plays well in basketball but not in ice skating. (i.e. Plushanko)

    So here is the real question. Do you really think that ‘Stars on Ice’ would not have asked Johnny to be in their show if he was one of the current Olympic medalist or was the defending champion? And those who are in the inter-workings of ‘Stars on Ice’ what proof do you have that Johnny was never asked to be in the show when he did have the resume? Please share.

    So those of you great defenders of our 6th place skater you can always put up your own money for Johnny’s own ice show. Talk is cheap. If you think Johnny is being being undervalued establish a new show for him. Get some sponcers and put up the money. You might as well include all the other 6th place skaters. It should be a great show.

    For those of you who want to boycot that is America. I would rather boycot those who supported Prop 8 or DADT. Not some 6th place skater who wasn’t included to be in some ice show.

    Ah, America where you can have freedom of speech and opinion. Unless you are an Ice Skating fan.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Dawson: And wasn’t two-time Oly silver medalist Brian Orser with Stars on Ice even after his ‘scandalous’ palimony suit? He’s great friends with Scott Hamilton as well. The only other skater I know who got into ‘trouble’ with SOI was the uber-straight Kurt Browning, who was going hot and heavy with Katia Gordeeva, whose husband Sergei had just died. Browning was asked to leave the tour for a bit, then was invited back.

    IIRC, there were a couple of non-titled skaters with the old Champions on Ice, but they were novelty acts and not serious skaters. There were two humpy Russian acrobat skaters and Swiss skater Lucinda Ruh.

  • Sexy Rexy

    ETA – the current crop of SOI skaters is here:

    To play devil’s advocate, if it were up to me and me alone, I’d dump Michael Weiss and replace him with Johnny – the both have the same number of national titles, although Weiss has two world bronzes to Johnny’s one. But Johnny is the more charismatic skater. Weiss is a clunky musclebound robot on ice, but his image is relentlessly hetero. The skating folk loves it when he parades his wife and kids out for the audiences.

  • mm

    He’ll do better than this. Does he even want in on it? Scott Hamilton did get on my nerves when he was commenting on all the athletes but especially Weir. He over plays up the quotes of him being the sassy gay guy. And, personally I think Smucker’s products suck anyway.

  • romeo

    With name like “Smuckers” it’s got to be fucked. LOL

  • B

    In No. 16 · Cam wrote, “On his show, he has talked several times about how in your face he is, but when asked about sexuality he clams up and says that who he sleeps with is his private life.”

    … Suppose he has a boyfriend who is camera shy? Or suppose he does not have much of a social life at all due to having to spend all his time practicing? Or suppose he has a boyfriend who is in the military and making it public would trigger a DADT discharge?

    There are a lot of reasons to keep one’s private life private and those include respecting the wishes of another person.

  • romeo

    @ B #68: Actually, B, that’s a very good point. However, from the looks of his show, Johnny is just too tied up with his schedule and the disciplines involved in competing to have a steady. But from the looks of last night’s episode, I think he’s shopping around now what with the nude scene and the hilarious vibrator scene. “Oh, daddy!” indeed. LOL

  • Ice Boi

    Look guys, the whole figure skating world is F–ked. You all make excellent points and the passion is great, but the simple fact is they (USFS) have a “wholesome” image they like their skaters to live up to. If you’re gay (or a minority) it’s okay, but keep it quiet. I’m not defending them, but it’s just a plain simple fact that in this case they just don’t like or want flamboyancy or out there “sissy boys”. Too bad I think, because these guys are an important part of American societly. If you’re perceived to be outspoken about anything from sexual orientation to race they immediately turn their backs on you and leave you unsupported and ostracized. Referring to race, I know of two African American male competitive skaters who competed for the US with cornrows and you should have heard the outrage. I know, I’ve been there.

  • skeletontea

    While I do find Weir annoying as hell, I’m shocked that the show’s sponsors would bar him from the program. There have been obvious/femme gay skaters before; remember Rudy Galindo, and his rose lined costume? Or how about his glittery cabaret outfit?

    I’d say I’m boycotting Smuckers, but their preserves are so cheap, over-sweetened and artificial tasting, I wouldn’t by them in the first place. I hope Scott Hamilton didn’t have anything to do with this; I’ve always liked him.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Ice Boi …

    I’d love a link to those skaters. I’ve just never seen any black male figure skaters before. Cornrows? I’m so intrigued. ;-)

    And how ’bout that latest episode of Be Good Johnny Weir? I love how it ended with him in an orgasmic moment with his massage machine, exclaiming, “Oh, Daddy …”

    Yeah. He’s just sooooo closeted. lol

  • Ice Boi

    Taylor Siluwe- The two minority competitive skaters I was referring to are Rohene Ward who’s last appearance at US National’s at the Senior level was in 2008. He’s actually from Minnesota and is Puerto Rican. The other is Theron James from the New England area and is African American. He competed at the Intermediate level in 2005. Both competed with cornrows at one or several competitions. In addition to being a minority, Rohene is a very artistic and creative type and was a quite “out-of-the-box” skater with a good amount of flamboyancy who made conservatives flinch.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Thanx for the info Ice Boi …

    these two skaters are now on my radar. Hopefully we’ll see more skaters of color in the future, and less ‘conservative’ industry.

    Funny, before Johnny Weir, I never gave a shit about figure skating. The industry mucky mucks don’t seem to realize just how many people out there are just like me.

  • Sexy Rexy

    @Ice Boi: Ice Boi, may I ask what was said about these guys and their cornrows?

    I did have a skating friend of mine tell me how she overheard two racist bitches in fur coats refer to Surya Bonaly as a “monkey” at Skate America back in the 90s. Cunts.

  • Ice Boi

    @Sexy Rexy: One may not like Surya’s skating style, but how could anyone say that about her? She really is a sweetie once you know her.

    It wasn’t so much what was said about the guys with cornrows. Excuse me for overstated it somewhat. It was more looks of disbelief and statements about how it was inappropriate to have “that” hairstyle on the ice. They were neat and stylish IMO.

    I think we might be wandering off topic. Sorry.

  • AxelDC

    He’s just too annoying.

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