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Is Joy Behar About to Turn Larry King’s Show Into Homo Hour?

In between all the badmouthing of Anderson Cooper, CNN actually has one other situation to manage: figuring out who’s replacing Larry King. Among the top contenders, supposedly: Joy Behar, whose show on HLN people actually watch.

I figured the best possible way to gay up Larry King’s hour would be to hire Ryan Seacrest, but I was wrong.

I foresee Behar importing her all-gay, all-the-time format to CNN proper, where she can take part in outing more Hollywood legends and churning out White House spin about the president’s fierce advocacy.

That, or she can spend the morning with Sherri Shepherd collecting ridiculous facts about homosexuals, and then go on CNN later in the day to refute them.

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  • slobone

    Naah, they won’t give it to Joy. She has way too much personality of her own. Larry King was like Ed Sullivan, he was so boring that he never upstaged his guests.

  • Tommy

    Please no. Even though I agree with her, Joy Behar’s personality is so irritating. She gives me a headache. Larry King got a lot of criticism, but I liked his cool neutral attitude. I’m so tired of all the screamers on cable television.

  • jason

    Joy is dreadful. She stands by while homophobic comments are made on The View. Go away, Joy.

  • counterpoll

    Joy gets ratings, though. Larry is like on his 8th marriage, and CNN is supposedly sick of his antics and is saying “buh bye.”

    If not Joy, then who? Cooper? Nah, long-format interviews aren’t his forte. Other ideas?

    Joy clearly is sick of the View.
    I wish she were better informed on US politics but she’s smart enough to learn whatever she needs to if she gets the job.

  • Revemupman

    Joy is like that auntie you let rant for ever while turning the ipod up.

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