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Is Killer Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud Denying He’s Gay Because He’ll Face Execution In Saudi Arabia?

Is the reason royal prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud keeps denying he had a gay sexual relationship with the servant he killed stem from his likely execution if he returns to Saudi Arabia as an out homo?

Having strangled and bitten and whatever-d to death his 32-year-old servant Bandar Abdulaziz, the 34-year-old prince who’s on trial continues insisting it was not “murder,” nor were the two all gay together. But escorts and bartenders and waiters keep saying otherwise, talking about Al Saud’s hotel room being filled with half naked dues, how he was a patron of rentboys, and how his massages involved getting off.

We’ve yet to hear much from Britain’s prosecutors about the motive for the murder (lover’s quarrel?), but state attorneys do keep trying to brand the prince as gay, something his lawyer denies. But might the denials be less a legal strategy and more a way to ensure he isn’t killed when (if?) he returns to Saudi Arabia?

Prosecutor Bobbie Cheema told England’s Old Bailey central criminal court: “Homosexuality is illegal in Saudi Arabia and carries the death penalty which is still applied in some cases. “The country in which any alleged acts took place would have little bearing on the likelihood of prosecution as the Saudi legal system is based on the Shariah law which is considered to be universal.” She said prosecution would be a matter for the Saudi authorities but can depend on the wishes of the person’s family. Some relatives push for the harshest penalty if they are deemed to have shamed the family, she said. Gay Saudis have been granted asylum in Britain on the basis they could face prosecution, “and potentially the death penalty — or harm if they returned”, Cheema said.

[Al Saud’s lawyer John Kelsey-Fry] said the Saudi law as described to the court would only apply “if it were the case that the defendant had engaged in homosexuality”.

Which, of course, Al Saud totally didn’t do! If he manages to escape serving the rest of his life in prison for his servant’s death, the prince can return to Saudi Arabia — where, if he’s just a guy who slays the help, no big deal. But if he slept with the help? Off him in the name of family honor.