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Is Marshall Finally Figuring Out How to Be a Sexual Gay Teen?

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Last time we saw Marshall, he was cruising a public park with his new classmate BFF Lionel, who was introducing him to the world of what it means to be a sex-craving gay being. After watching this week’s episode, we can conclude it was really just a set up for an even better plot twist. (Spoilers ahead.)

Marshall and Lionel are going to give the “lovers” thing a try.

Watching Lionel lie his way through re-telling his fake romantic adventure with the older gent he met in the park, we had a feeling the story was a fake. As he later admits to Marsh, it is. And that’s when their relationship takes a turn.

If you’ve been watching the show, you’ll know Lionel entered Marshal’s life at school, and the twosome couldn’t have been bigger opposites. They may have both been gay and fey, but they had completely different approaches to being gay. And while we were supposed to assume it was Lionel who was the confident gay young person, it turns out he’s as scared of his lifestyle as Marshall is.

Watching these two characters develop is fantastic television. And we were just as forlorn as you when, in the final scene in the clip, Marshal sees his biggest ally — his sister Kate, played by the enrapturing Brie Larson — plotting her escape from mama Tara’s crazytown, leaving Marsh behind to fend for himself.