Is Max Harris The New Rebecca Black, And What Should We Do About it?

Well, what are we to make of this? As homosexuals, it is our duty to serve as arbiters of style and culture, so let us now discuss Max Harris and his song “High.”

Released a few days ago, the video features a young teen (maybe 14?), a bunch of autotuning, and some extremely dramatic sashaying. Also, some very cozy-looking sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a sweatvest. (We didn’t even know that was a thing).

We’re kind of jealous of how comfortable Max looks in his video. But that’s pretty much where our envy ends.

Now, there’s no need to go into detail, as some Redditors have, about why you don’t approve of “High.” When you were this kid’s age, were your music videos masterpieces?

YouTube doesn’t seem entirely happy to see Max, either: As of this writing his video has 411 likes to 917 dislikes. Ouch. “High” is also available on iTunes, where there aren’t enough reviews to generate a star rating yet but, if we were Max, we’d be bracing ourselves.

Not just for online criticism, but for uncomfortable confrontations at school. What do you think—is this kid setting himself up for anti-gay bullying?

Of course, there’s no confirmation that Max is, as they say,” family.” But he’s certainly mastered a very particular type of swagger and drama that will look very familiar to readers of Queerty. In any case, he’s summoning rainbows.

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  • MikeE

    I’m sorry, but that is just dreadful.
    who wrote that atrocity?

    constructive feedback? difficult but here goes:

    stop dancing like a stripper.
    learn to sing.
    get better material. a song that’s based on 3 notes and the same three chords is not good material.
    if you want to make videos, take some acting lessons.

    There you go, all things that would improve his chances, so technically, “constructive”.

  • Kaderade


    What were you thinking?

    That sashay at the end was…. fierce….

  • Matt

    “We” as LGBT people should not do anything.

    Let this queen embarrass himself like Chris Crocker did.

  • jimmy

    Honestly, fuck the haters, I hope Max continues to sashay his sweatpants into the heart of all Americans… finally an anthem that speaks to all of us.

    He may wanna get high, and not don’t care if he dies.
    However, I wanna wear sweats and dance between my house and a nearby fence, possibly bounce off the two and announce, “I’m singing, please help me.”


  • Ric

    Kind of embarrassing… but what a cutie. @MikeE: Constructive and totally bitchy.

  • Michael DeSelms

    @jimmy: So true. If the “haters” can do better…DO IT! kinda cute. Kids got moxie. Hope he can stand up to the haters in school. Someone will pick this up and he will get better at dance and voice. {Ellen perhaps?} Oh..MATT..Chris Crocker DID embarrass himself on the “tube” but look at him now. Still minor famous with other stuff. What are you doing? Besides hateing?!?

  • justme

    Am I the only one who believes that this is just not right for his age? Never mind the auto-tune and the simple writing, but the sexual side of the video is a little hard to watch. Why is a 14 year old kid, family or not, touching himself and looking at the camera like that? I felt like the FBI was going to bust into my house just for clicking on the link.

  • MikeE

    @justme: agreed.

    by the way, for the “if you gonna hate, then do better” brigade: yeah, when I was 14 I WAS doing better than that. I was playing the Ravel piano concerto with a symphony orchestra.

    some of the “haters” actually DO do better than the crap you people are so quick to excuse and defend.

  • nature boy

    I think it’s pretty darn good for 14. Reminded me of early Madonna bubblegum. I’d like to see somebody professional step in and help him bring it to another level. Could definitely be a club hit.

    I am a little concerned by the lyrics:

    “I want to get high… I don’t care if I die… Somebody help me.”

    Max, you probably already know, it gets better… http://www.itgetsbetter.org .

    Keep making your art and don’t let the haters get you down!

  • nature boy

    oh yeah, also, Max, please hold off on getting high on drugs or alcohol until your brain is fully developed, which is not until about age 25!

  • RayJacksonMS

    I think Max made Queerty, 917 people on youtube and all of you his bitch. It’s a joke. Think about it, the lyrics, how he’s dressed, the dancing. This kid just had all of you.

  • Red Assault

    OK so… as much as I hate picking on kids who are just having some fun playing “Pop Star” for a day…

    This is what’s wrong with the entertainment industry… no denying that… no talent is required and a glorious LACK of talent is almost better.

    But the REAL problem here is that this is what’s wrong with American society in general… nobody wants to put work or effort into anything, they want to just jump directly to the end where you get the fame. The younger generation gets angry when their teachers give them a “C” for average work. They think that they did the work at all means they should get an “A.”

    When they were in grade school… everyone got a gold star. When they were in Boy Scouts… everyone got a Blue Ribbon just for showing up.

    And now kids think that just singing half-assed in a “you are the star” place at the strip mall and putting auto-tune and doing a video means you can be a singing star. No years of work to become a good singer, no effort into any aspect of it all. Why bother? The kids who worked hard to fly the highest kite in the kite-flying “contest” got the same blue ribbon as the kid who showed up late, had his father get the kite in the air and then sat there holding the string for 10 minutes.

  • hassaracker

    As a white, straight, conservative, married, father of 3, I have to applaud the bravery of this young man as he confronts his teenage angst on two fronts……

  • Kp

    Amazing. That was so funny

  • MikeE

    @hassaracker: with a desire for drugs and pole-dancing?

  • Jabaroo

    This is what happens when you have no talent and no rich parents.

  • jake


  • Bill

    I agree with Red Assault.

  • Jonathonz

    Max is adorable and I can totally relate to his song. I pretty much felt the same way at his age. You Go Max! Stick with your friends and do your best to ignore the rest! And be safe no matter what you do! Xoxo

  • Jonathonz

    All you people that have said such rude things to a 14 year old should be ashamed of yourselves. Don’t you realize he’s probably going to see your comments? You people are reprehensible.

  • Rio


    you’re a badass

    just roll with it

  • Gay Bacon

    Ugh this brings back horrible memories of atomic wedgies and titty twisters. And Max, there will be titty twisters, so by some Vaseline kid because it’s 10x worse than runners burn.

  • hamoboy

    Hahahahahahaha. I first saw this on cracked.com. Epic lulz. Kid should wait till he’s much older before all the crazy Sasha Fierce gyrating. If he meant it as a parody, he’s just won the internet. If he meant it as a serious song, he’s going to be so disappointed. This song is available on iTunes.

  • Trip

    @Red Assault: You’re really reading way too much into this. Don’t get me wrong, i I think the video is dreadful and it’s exactly why I’m glad there were no personal video recorders and home computers with editing software when I was a kid. But many, many kids – gay and straight – throw their heart and soul into “art” – music, drama, glee club, photography, painting, whatever. And this has been the way forever. It’s not a sign of our times.


    jesus bitchy queens at queerty, the kids 14, leave him alone.

  • PrincessZelda


    haha woww guys >_< really? If you hate the song so much then why are you even on this site? sounds like u guys are jealous XD I looove Max,he's awesome….sure..getting high isnt my cup of tea,but still.As a 14 year old..just like mahself ;) this kid is awesome..The world just has to face it ^.^

  • Pegleg Jane

    Ugh. This kid is setting himself up for some severe homophobic bullying. I really wish the people involved in this mess applied some brakes before the poor kid made an absolute idiot of himself with something that makes Rebecca Black sound like Whitney Houston. People really need to moniter their kids antics online a bit better. At least when the older generation did something stupid the way adolesecents usually do, it didn’t end up on a massive database accessable by anyone in the world forever.

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