Is Max Harris The New Rebecca Black, And What Should We Do About it?

Well, what are we to make of this? As homosexuals, it is our duty to serve as arbiters of style and culture, so let us now discuss Max Harris and his song “High.”

Released a few days ago, the video features a young teen (maybe 14?), a bunch of autotuning, and some extremely dramatic sashaying. Also, some very cozy-looking sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a sweatvest. (We didn’t even know that was a thing).

We’re kind of jealous of how comfortable Max looks in his video. But that’s pretty much where our envy ends.

Now, there’s no need to go into detail, as some Redditors have, about why you don’t approve of “High.” When you were this kid’s age, were your music videos masterpieces?

YouTube doesn’t seem entirely happy to see Max, either: As of this writing his video has 411 likes to 917 dislikes. Ouch. “High” is also available on iTunes, where there aren’t enough reviews to generate a star rating yet but, if we were Max, we’d be bracing ourselves.

Not just for online criticism, but for uncomfortable confrontations at school. What do you think—is this kid setting himself up for anti-gay bullying?

Of course, there’s no confirmation that Max is, as they say,” family.” But he’s certainly mastered a very particular type of swagger and drama that will look very familiar to readers of Queerty. In any case, he’s summoning rainbows.