Is Michele Bachmann Toast Now That Rick Perry Has Entered The Race?

Michele Bachmann’s bid for the U.S. Presidency has quickly faded ever since Rick Perry joined the race. The latest average of four nationwide polls shows Bachmann bested by Perry, Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, and Sarah Palin (who isn’t even running yet).

Sure, all the other GOP candidates are anti-gay too, but less rabidly so than Bachmann.

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  • Thomas Maguire

    Bitch was trippin if she thought she had even a Sarah Palin’s chance at the office of the POTUS.

  • the crustybastard

    Wait. Are you suggesting that Republican voters would prefer a white man?

    Golly, I can’t imagine that would be the case, but interesting theory, nonetheless.

  • Robert in NYC

    Very slim pickings whoever gets the nod. Perry, in his book said that the Boy Scouts are a gay organization. Nothing could be further from the truth. How dumb can he get? To think that he could be the next president?

  • Mav

    @Robert in NYC: “How dumb can he get? To think that he could be the next president?”

    Hey, Bush made it didn’t he?

    We like to vote in morons so we can feel superior to our superiors. It’s as American as baseball and apple pie. That’s why people don’t trust Obama. He’s too smart. He’s gotta be up to something.


  • JoeyB

    Let’s vote for Ron Paul. He knows Borat.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Mav: Yep, O’Bomber is definitely the smartest guy in the room . . . which is why our country is prospering so bountifully under his rule. (insert seriously painful eyeroll)

    But yes, Bachmann is toast because the evangelicals now have a slightly more experienced Perry to represent them in their extremist views. Buh-bye, Michele.

  • randeman

    Yeah, Larry…because only the guy sitting in the Oval Office is responsible the state of the nation.

    Here’s a thought: try to say something today that won’t make you look like a dumb ass.

  • Ted

    I hope not because if he gets the nomination he will be our next president.

  • Robert in NYC

    Let’s debunk the republican myth that lowering taxes on the wealthiest creates jobs. Facts….under the Clinton administration, after he left office, there was a net surplus of over $237 billion, 22 million jobs were created and unemployment was at 3.9%. All this happened when taxes were at their highest. After 8 years of Bush and huge tax cuts for the wealthy, only a meager 4.4 million jobs were created and then came the subprime rate catastrophe as a result of derergulation and republican fiscally conservative policies. Incidentally, government spending by the GOP under Bush was at an all time high, but not a peep out of any of them. Let’s also not forget, Bush started the stimulus package, not the democrats. Again, not a peep out of them, nothing from Boehner or Cantor.

  • christopher di spirito

    Here’s what I see happening.

    Perry is the flavor of the month on the Tea Party/Republican side. Come November, Mama Grifter enters the primary at the eleventh hour to qualify for Federal campaign matching funds.

    Mama Grifter’s entry sucks all the air out of the room and splits Rick Perry’s Tea Party support, opening the thing up for Mitt Willard Romney.

    The 2012 General Election becomes a race between Barack Obama and Mitt Willard Romney.

    Unless, Hillary Clinton decides to primary challenge Obama, then she becomes the game changer and all bets are off. Obama is so unpopular now and Democrats and Independent are so unhappy with him, Hillary could become the nominee.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @randeman: Randeman, you are woefully naive. Remember “The buck stops here”? The president IS responsible for the state of the nation, be it good or bad. Want to praise Clinton for the budget surplus? Fine, we’ll give him the credit. Want to trash Bush for the recession? All well and good, he gets the blame, but Obama doesn’t get a free pass just because he’s doing a shitty job at getting things right. I kinda suspect that if he’d turned the economy around and made us a prosperous nation once again, you’d be more than happy to laud him for these accomplishments. Likewise, you should be willing to call him out on his failures.

  • ewe

    Isn’t gODD against Texas since all those fires prove it??? I mean facts are facts right?

  • doug105

    Nice to see the brown Santorum still flows down at the bottom, not that the rest are much better.

  • Michael in Toronto

    Ding dong, the witch is dead!
    And I mean Bachmann, not Christine O’Donnell (though the latter is dead, too, thank the good Lord).

  • RT

    I love how Sexism is STILL alive among the conservatives.

  • Mav

    @Libertarian Larry: I didn’t say Obama walked on water or anything. I’m just saying that the other political offerings in America are so laughably bad, we may as well not have a choice at all.

  • Libertarian Larry

    @Mav: Unfortunately, I believe you’re right about that.

  • Skeloric

    A Republican “culture war” to go as extreme as possible towards the Right.
    Win their Primary and lose the actual election.
    Republicans are about 33% of the country, and of them only about HALF are complete f*ckwits.
    But its the f*ckwits that are in control forcing everything as far to the Right as possible.
    So what happens?
    The Democrats (roughly 33%) and the Independents (roughly 33%) and all the “3rd Party Folks” (roughly 1%) look at the Republican Nominee selected by the most extreme 17% or so of the republicans and promptly vote for SOMEBODY ELSE.
    Some Independents are actually Republicans so it won’t be a clear 67% to 33% victory, but we will win — UNLESS they win by their usual tactic of misinformation and malicious lies fueling a state of unreasoning fear and hate.
    So all we have to do is keep pushing at the Republicans to go so far to the Right during the Primaries that they can’t pull back to the middle in time for the actual Election.
    Meanwhile, all of their attempts to inculcate a culture of fear and hate must be met with calm recitals of truth.
    Some will always be too invested in their belief of the lies to accept the truth, the rest once they have the truth can no longer be swayed by lies.
    It’ll still be years of battling, but victory is within most of our lifetimes.
    Maybe even with the next decade.

  • ChrisC

    Even though I cannot stand this woman, I would much rather see her in The Whitehouse than Perry, at least she has never publicly said that she belives Homosexuality should be a criminal offence (I’m sure she thinks it, but at least she has never publicly said it…I belive. Perry on the other hand has). But then again Perry said once that he would allow states to decide on Marriage Equality, while as Bachmann has not. So I guess at the end of the day, between these two, LGBTs are screwed no matter which one gets in.

  • Crystal Ball

    @Skeloric: Noble though your cause may be, at the end of the day you’re still a paranoid wacko. Lordy.

  • ThatRandomGuy

    I find it comical that people actually think that having a different president would have changed how america is faring economically. HUUUGE LOL. To reference “the violence of peace”, it’s easy to for those not directly involved to criticize those who are. We don’t know the whole story of what goes on/is going on behind closed doors. Therefore to throw out suggestions that any president is a moron is in and of itself moronic. Especially when we haven’t seen the long term effects of said presidents policies and aren’t proposing alternatives.

  • Kawneekwa

    She may be toast but not too late for her to bank a lot more Benjamins.

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