Is Michigan Ready to Overturn Gay Marriage Ban?

Building on the heels of Kalamazoo’s LGBT protection ordinance, “a state representative [yesterday] introduced a plan to overturn Michigan’s ban on same-sex marriage. Speaker Pro Tempore Pam Byrnes, D-Lyndon Township, introduced a resolution to amend the state constitution to allow same-sex marriage. Voters instituted the ban in 2004, when they approved Proposal 2.”

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  • Cam

    Go Michigan!

  • PopSnap

    Wait, so theyre going to put this on the ballot and hope that people will vote for it? I used to be an optimist, but now the Maine vote has turned me into a pessimist until about 2012.

    This is sending the wrong message. People should not vote for or against our rights, and I’m hoping that No on 1 will mount a legal challenge to Issue 1 yet.

  • Orpheus_lost

    I wouldn’t get my hopes up for this to actually happen. Even if (and that’s a fucking big “if”) this were to get through the legislature with rural representatives controlling most of it, it would still have to go before the weakest, most craven governor in the history of Michigan. Its well known that Granholm is deathly afraid of hurting the feelings of any republican in the state so its doubtful she’d sign it.

    And in the unlikely occurrence that all of that actually happened, which it wouldn’t, then it would have to go before an electorate that has been drained of a large portion of its least inbred voters.

    I live in Michigan (until the day after I walk out of college with my degree) and can see absolutely no hope or change coming this way for a very long time.

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