Is Mike Manning Too Bi To Play Gay In This Mob Gym Comedy?

The first thing you’ll notice about The Brothers Sinclair is that it co-stars Mike Manning, the Real World: D.C. alum who’s regularly shirtless in Los Angeles these days. The second thing you’ll notice is there’s plenty of ass shots. The new gay comedy from director Ronny Jay, about a pair of gay brothers who inherit their uncle’s men’s-only gym in Manhattan, hinges on this little gem: the clientele are all straight. A strictly male fitness center in New York City filled only with straight guys? This might as well be a Twilight Zone knock-off. But hey, with a mob tie-in, we’ve got gay stereotypes, straight stereotypes, and Italian stereotypes. This is how you make The Comedy! Now however will Ramin Setoodeh review this? Probably the same way we will: Complete camp, questionable acting, dubious plot, hot jocks.