Is Monogamy Realistic In The 21st Century?

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 12.32.50 AMEuropean pop star and fitness model Raph Solo can’t tell you exactly what he’s looking for in a man, but he can tell you one thing he needs for sure: Monogamy.

Solo is exploring the “You want to be my boyfriend, but you want to have sex with other people?” conundrum in his latest video, aptly titled “Monogamy in the 21st Century.” It’s a third talk show, a third music video and a third therapy session with host Diane Monde — completely insane and unhinged in the most charming way possible.

Below, Solo’s ode to monogamy followed by a therapy session that will probably make you slightly uncomfortable. Watch it (or click here) if only to hear a shirtless Raph Solo say “bus stop” 43 times in 20 seconds.