Is MTV Intentionally Fueling the Chris Brown v. Rihanna Saga?


MAKING MATTERS WORSE — Despite Wrigley’s decision to pull Chris Brown from their ad rotation, MTV doesn’t feel any such call is necessary. Not only is the Viacom network capitalizing on his alleged beating of Rihanna by running a “news special” called Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love In Trouble, but they also let dance reality show America’s Best Dance Crew go ahead with having one of the competing troops perform a routine to Brown’s “Forever,” the same song used (and commissioned) by Wrigley’s. Oh — and they chose a Rihanna song for another crew. It’s like they did it … oh, we don’t know … on purpose? [Jossip]

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  • sal

    that is sooo funny,i was on mtv’s website last night and thought something like that too

  • sal

    ..the almighty dollar wins always(ratings)

  • 7SnowyNights

    It’s not gonna be so funny when Jay-Z has Chris Brown killed.

    Or would that make it funnier? I’m sorry, I’m a little new at the human emotion thing, I think the MTV people are, too.

  • Sebbe

    Chris Brown & Rihanna: Love In Trouble was pretty lame.

  • David

    They probably are using it to their advantage, It’s not like this is the only time something like this has happened.

    When Anna Nicole died every TV station had some kind of special running. TV Guide broadcast this debate thing about it over and over for a few days.

    When Britney Spears was locking herself in the bathroom with her kids and getting shipped off and hospitalized (and every other crazy thing she did) various television and news programs ate it up.

    Tragic things that happen are apparently fair game to the entertainment industry. Whatever they can get attention by using, they will.

  • blake

    Given MTV’s long history of trafficking in sexist and misogynistic imagery from profit, why wouldn’t MTV exploit domestic violence to make a buck?

  • ousslander

    anyone really suprised? Blake has it right. MTV is about the lowest common denominator bein passed of as highgbrow art or socially conscious

  • Jack

    Watching MTV is essentially peeking through the hospital-screen of good taste and witnessing the death of culture.

  • scott

    out of all the stories I have read here, this one, i can say honestly, I just don’t give one rats ass about.

    it’s a free world and I don’t own this site, and some peeps might enjoy this story, but really, is there not something more interesting out there?

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