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Is New Mexico’s 816-Page ‘Everything But Marriage’ Bill Destined to Fail? 8 Ball Says Yes

New Mexico’s “everything but marriage” domestic partnerships bill appears to be dying a slow death, as lawmakers push it to a third committee for review.

With Gov. Bill Richardson demanding state senators vote on the bill, it now needs to make its way out of two committees (it already cleared one), then score approval by the entire Senate floor, plus the Assembly — all within the next 15 days, when the state’s legislative session expires. Says Democratic Sen. Eric Griego: “Three committee assignments would kill this bill.” So too might its length: The bill is 816 pages.

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  • rainfish2000

    As Sen. John McCain might say [insert sarcasm here]: The laws the discriminate against hard working, tax paying, GLBT American citizens are working! They are effective! Let’s not change anything!

  • Steve

    More than 800 pages? To (almost, but not quite) do something that should rightfully be done (completely) in one page? That just doesn’t seem right.

  • David

    I live in NM. The truth is that Governor Richardson is not doing anything to throw some weight behind this measure. He has pro forma requested introduction of this legislation many times but has never chosen to spend any political capital to get the bill passed. It’s all for show.

  • Patrick Garies

    @Steve: From what I’ve read, unlike other everything-but-“marriage” bills, this one specifically enumerates every right you have so that there’s no ambiguity that you have “everything-but-‘marriage'”. Presumably, that’s to deal with situations where it is not “everything-but-‘marriage'” in practice like in States such as New Jersey and the reason for the length.

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