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Is Cuomo’s Pro-Gay Rhetoric Just One Big Fake Act?

He said that passing the marriage bill was a “priority.” So with just one month left in the legislative session, why hasn’t New York Governor Andrew Cuomo picked up the phone yet?

Apparently, he’s a big fan of phone calls. Quoth the NY Times: “Those who have been on the receiving end marvel at how long he will stay on the line — 10 minutes, 40 minutes, an hour — and his leisurely pace, as if one of the state’s most powerful people had no more pressing matter on his plate. Invariably, he will first ask about the foot surgery or Little League game that came up during the last conversation.”

How folksy. But Gay City News reports that the tie-breaking Senators who will make or break the marriage bill still haven’t had the pleasure of a call from Cuomo. What’s he waiting for? He already said that he supports marriage equality, and we desperately need to pick up more votes, so his silence is starting to become a little scary.

The agitators at Queer Rising are pissed. “Cuomo’s support for Marriage Equality is appearing more to be a political stunt than an act of commitment to do the right thing,” says Natasha Dillon, a founding member of Queer Rising. “The Governor has not done the lobbying necessary to change votes. He had misled New Yorkers into believing that passage of marriage equality was going to happen this year and now is backtracking.”

If you’d like to try getting the Governor on the line for a little heart-to-heart of your own, go ahead and knock yourself out. His number is 212-681-4580.