Is New Zealand’s “Get It On” AIDS Ad Too Sexy For TV?

Yes, this “Get It On” ad from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation is a little disturbing. Fingers jumping around pretending to be little penises wrapped in condoms? We’ve had nightmares described exactly like so. But is the ad — which has been airing on Kiwi TV sets since September — is now being dubbed “offensive, unacceptable and breached decency.”

At least by those filing complaints about it. But wisely, the Advertising Standards Authority there says otherwise, and will let the ad continue airing because it carries an important health message: Get your freak on, just be sure to wrap things up first.

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  • romeo

    LOL It is a little disturbing, but in an hilarious sort of way.

  • Mike in Asheville, nee "in Brooklyn"

    Blast me for I know nothing much about New Zealand so I don’t know how this commercial plays to its audience. But you gotta love the idea, since all men think with their penis.

  • Mike L.

    I thought it was funny, not so disturbing really.

  • Jake

    I’m from New Zealand and I haven’t heard any complaints about this ad. The Advertising Standards Authority generally takes a very sensible hands off approach to these sorts of things unless it is really offensive. A finger in a condom doesn’t really reach that sort of threshold.

  • Michael vdB


  • Dave

    I thought it was great!! they always take the good ones off, like the Rav4 ad

  • SoylentDiva

    That’s hilarious. What sort of uptight prude would find it indecent or offensive?

  • bryce

    well the ad theatricalizes a party where five dudes are dicking around. thats the type of stuff that gets tons of complaints, in the us at least.

    i like the ad, its fun, doesnt push any graphic or conceptual boundaries, dancing penises are nothing new, but its just kinda long. like as long as this post.

  • Aeni

    All the stupid stuff on tv (the Kardashians, governers who sleep around) and someone is actually offended by this? When I watched the video, it reminded me of the song Turn the Beat Around with the climax of Pop Goes the Weasel. Should I feel shame for my free thinking, obviously overly gay, uncensored thoughts?

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