Is Nick Cage Getting In Bed With Kirk Cameron For New Rapture Flick?

If you caught the train wreck that was Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, then you know Nicolas Cage’s career is, shall we say, flagging.

Hopefully that’s why he’s in talks to star in a remake of Left Behind, the Godfather of Christian Rapture movies, where humans left behind after God took his besties to Heaven. The original Left Behind, inspired by a series of novels, was a straight-to-video smash with the Fundamentals, thanks in part to leading man Kirk Cameron, a major player in the Christian-movie biz who famously told Piers Morgan that homosexuality is against God’s plan.

Considering the movie sees the unsaved forming a Christian paramilitary units called “Tribulation Force”, it’s a good bet anyone involved with it doesn’t haven’t the foggiest idea what God’s plan is.