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Is Nightline So Embarrassed About It’s Ex-Gay Coverage That ABC Deleted It Forever?

After bathing in criticism following its slanted coverage of conversion therapy racket Journey Into Manhood, ABC’s Nightline has pulled the segment offline, reader Ryan alerts us. (Indeed, our embedded clip is no longer active.) Which is too bad, because that thing had Polk Award written all over it.

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  • Blake J

    They can sell it to Fox News, I am sure they would not be “embarrassed” by the slanted view of the story.

  • LOrion

    Thanks posted to the BLEND under their ….long article with mult videos.

  • ewe

    Twisted. Wait till Boy Wonder has children and realizes he is STILL gay. Whatever. There are some gay people who feel so victimized by this ignorant culture that they are never going to attend seminars aimed at accepting themselves for who they are. I have no time for these people. They basically turn themselves into and enemy.

  • demonyc

    ever since elizabeth vargas on 2020 did a sympathetic interview with matthew shepard’s killer, i’ve had little patience with abc news and the new nightline.

  • Droooosh

    PLEASE can someone fix the headline?! “it’s” means “it is” not the possessive case. Why doesn’t anyone seem to know this anymore?!

  • Franco

    I just feel so sad for them. Nothing but compassion.

  • notreallyhere247

    @Droooosh: the same reason no one ones the difference between your & you’re or there, their, & they’re.

  • notreallyhere247

    @notreallyhere247: *knows*…..oops lol

  • tallskin2

    Droooosh- “PLEASE can someone fix the headline?! “it’s” means “it is” not the possessive case. Why doesn’t anyone seem to know this anymore?!”

    I’m with you Droooosh! Sloppy and lazy proofing.

  • peteNsfo

    @David Roberts: Thank you for posting that link… I was hoping someone would do exactly that.

    They started w/ the lead-in, “ability to change orientation” presumably both ways… next break they referred to leaving the gay behind, and then finally admitted the desire for change is usually rooted in religious belief. Nuf said.

    I loved when the guy said the seminar helped him “stay focused” ie: repressed.

    ABC should be embarrassed. As a “news” organization they lend credibility to this baloney.

    And, btw… all you Tools hung-up on grammar & punctuation, Get a Life & stop clogging comments pages w/ your know-it-all bull. If that’s all you’ve got to say, I pity you.

  • James L. Greenlee

    @David Roberts: Hey, apostrophe abuse is a hate crime!

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