Is NYC’s Roxy About to Make a Comeback?


Break out your John Blair membership card (yes, we still have ours), ’cause famed NYC roller disco-cum-gay nightclub The Roxy appears to be aiming for a grand return.

Applications for a liquor license for the W. 18th Street spot are under review, signaling owner Gene DeNino may be reversing course after shuttering the venue in 2007 under fiscal disaster.

Since then, the city’s gays have really only had Splash Bar and mr.Black, along with a few more underground parties, to dance their boney butts at en masse.

But DeNino appears to be looking to team back up with Blair, if you believe the rumor mill.

The only remaining issues: Securing that liquor license from the community board, and finding the cash pay $60,000 a month in rent. Then again, The Roxy has been saved once before: After closing in March 2007, wrecking balls were supposed to tear the thing down, but they never came. (Photo via)