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Is Obama Not Doing Enough on AIDS?

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• A speech from Housing Works chief Charles King that criticized President Obama on his inaction on AIDS policy led a few people to walk out of the room.

• A decent primer on the Olson-Boies Prop 8 case thus far.

• Eighteen-year-old British man survives five-man epithet-laced gay bashing.

• There would be less of this “married elected official cheating on his wife” thing going around if only we clamped down on married folks’ ability to leave the house.

Pink Swastika co-author Scott Lively announces, after 20 years of fighting the gay agenda, he’s moving on to other hateful things.

• An email campaign is making the rounds targeting gay Democrats who support NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Naturally, the sender is anonymous.

Rest in peace, Mrs. Slocombe.