Is Out NYC, New York’s Gay Hotel, Kinkier Than We Imagined?

As Out NYC, the new all-gay, all-the-time hotel and nightclub in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, trots along to its revised opening day, some interesting details have emerged.

With the ribbon-cutting on the hotel portion set for March 1, they’re taking reservations now—with rooms starting at $229.

But for those of you pinching your pennies (and aren’t we all), there’s another option: For $99 you can book a “Sleep Share”: a “nature-inspired” communal room you share three other guests, with each of you given a bed, cubbyhole, 22″ TV and privacy curtains.

Hmm, we’re trying to imagine how that’s gonna go down, especially considering that a gay nightclub, XL, will be just downstairs.

Three different scenarios pop into our head:

1. It’ll be like those pod hotels in Japan: No-fuss, peaceful and convenient.

2. It’ll be like a hostel in Amsterdam: young and social with a party atmosphere.

3. It’ll be like a bathhouse in Prague.

Come to think of it, we’re good with any of these scenarios.

What about you—would you share a hotel room with strangers?

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  • Top to Bottom

    It’s not the rooming with strangers that turns me off…it’s the fact that I would be paying 100 bucks for it.

  • Chadboy

    I bet by the time they open they will smarten up and have a website so you can see who your roommate is before agreeing to share the room. If the guy is hot they will charge extra….it’s NYC after all.

  • Bob

    It’s okay with me, but only if I can put my husband in one room and me in another and thereby having a 4 guy shot at scoring a threeway…lol…And btw….even $229 a night is cheap for New York!

  • UWSguy

    sounds to be like this place is destined to a short life

  • Brian

    So for $99.00 I get to hear someone a few feet away “get it on”?And when half my belongings vanish from this shared room who replaces them? Sounds like a bad idea to me.

  • Zeus

    ugh, no.

  • heat

    I think it’s a pretty good idea, different than the usual fare. $229 is not an unacceptable rate for NYC, by any means. I’m the operations manager for a luxury hotel in the midwest and that’s exactly what we charge for our suites.

  • WindReader

    for a quick overnight to see a show and meet a rentboy at his place? sure. I’ve slept in worse

  • Robert

    Better than driving home drunk or high. If you overdid, stay still.

  • Gadigreen

    I was in hotel during holidays and it was cheep and amazing . Only 300$ for 3 days

  • Kurt

    Not surprising this place is just going to be a sex resort or sex club. There’s nothing wrong with this but they should just drop the “We’re a hotel!” BS and call it what it is.

  • Crystal

    Better than sharing with bedbugs

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