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Is Panorama‘s Gay Priest Sex Exposé A Politically Motivated Attack On the Vatican?

Italian gay activist Aurelio Mancuso says Panorama magazine’s exposé on sexually active gay priests is just a way for Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who owns the magazine, to attack the Vatican. Well, if using the truth to criticize the world’s leading anti-gay pedophile ring is an “attack,” so be it.

“This is a squalid political and cultural operation; in order to attack the Catholic Church you propose a vision of the homosexual community that is stuffed with stereotypes,” says Mancuso of the magazine’s report, which includes video (with blurred faces) of the three priests (two Italian, one French) in question. Which sounds more like a soundbite authored by Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the vicar of Rome, than a gay activist.

But Panorama editor Giorgio Mulé says not only is the report accurate, he’s got the names of the priests involved — although he’s not disclosing them. Which is either a stab at remaining on the ethical side of journalism (outing is bad, we’re told) or just a chance to drum up a second wave of publicity when the magazine drops the names.