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Is Rep. Jerry Nadler About to Slap Congress With a DOMA Repeal?


Could Washington D.C. actually see some movement on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act? The 13-year-old law, which lets the federal government and other states ignore legal same-sex marriages, is the target of Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who’s said to be working on a bill to in the next few weeks. Though Politico‘s Glenn Thrush notes, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may be too busy with other bills to back this one. (Nadler voted against a constitutional amendmend banning same-sex marriage, but did not vote for adding sexual orientation to workplace discrimination protections.)

And even if the House did get behind a DOMA repeal? Good luck getting it through the Senate, which operates on a time delay with the rest of society.

So what we have here is movement. But it’s maybe the first mile marker of the marathon.