Is Rep. Tammy Baldwin Still Facing The Violent Threats That Forced Her to De-List Her Home Address?

Over a decade ago when Rep. Tammy Baldwin, the Wisconsin Democrat, received death threats after winning the 1998 election, state election officials permitted Baldwin to list her campaign office as her home address. But that means she lives outside her voting district, claims the group Young Republicans of Dane County, which wants her nomination papers revoked.

“Tammy Baldwin has always been a blind supporter of liberal interests,” says the group’s president Charla Halverson. “However, she is now demonstrating reckless disregard for the voters of the Second Congressional District by not even bothering to conceal the fact that she no longer lives in the District she was elected to represent It’s obvious her adherence to the Pelosi agenda of unrestrained government spending and destruction of the free market is complete – Baldwin thinks the rules don’t apply to her.”

So this doesn’t sound politically motivated or anything!

But: Nearly twelve years after the fact, can Baldwin (seen here on election night, 1998) still claim she fears threats of violence? If not — and there should be a record as to whether her office has received any threats of late — then Baldwin should absolutely return to the same playing field as other elected officials, and properly list her address.