Is Richard Simmons’ Bridgestone Commercial Offensive?

The Super Bowl remained scandal free last night. No titties, no flagrant homophobia, as some saw in law year’s Snicker’s commercial, and, honestly, nothing too terribly exciting. In fact, we were only intrigued by two things: a shot of Gisele downing a glass of wine and a Fed-Ex commercial featuring giant pigeons.

Michael Jensen over at AfterElton, however, takes major issue with this Richard Simmons Bridgestone commercial.

Jensen writes:

I can’t shake the feeling that it means something pretty ugly that this commercial is apparently saying we shouldn’t run over animals, or the equally odd Alice Cooper (caressing a snake, no less).

But Richard Simmons? Hey, he’s fair game! In fact, running him over is an almost irresistible urge!

Jensen seems to think Bridgestone targeted Simmons for his flamboyancy and unspoken homosexuality, which make him an acceptable punching bag. We disagree: we think they chose him because he’s fucking annoying. Awesome, yes, but still irksome. And, besides, Simmons put himself in that situation. If he doesn’t find anything objectionable, then why should we? Girl’s making money.