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  • December 2010 People en Español cover


  • meego

    Gotta plug that book!

  • MM

    @meego: Gotta trash Ricky Martin for doing promotion?!?

    You didn’t notice that ALL celebrities do promotion from time to time or you just have a problem with Ricky Martin?

  • November 13, 2010

    Pedro Julio, who works at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and was the founder of the LGBT-rights organization Puerto Rico Para [email protected], was recognized for his amazing work last night at the New York City Hilton Hotel by Comité Noviembre. Ricky Martin was supposed to present the award live but when it became apparent he would not be able to make it, he sent the video message to be presented during the ceremony.


  • jason

    Why won’t People magazine in the USA put Ricky on the cover? Seems to me that the editors at People are homophobic about showing a gay man or a gay male couple on the cover. They always seem to show two women, never two men. Consider all the publicity that People gave to Ellen and Portia.

    Keep in mind that People magazine is run by people who are known Democrats. Democrats – and liberals in general – are known to be homophobic when it comes to male homosexuality.

    Message to People: fuck off.

  • Enron

    My goodness, even though the December 2010 issue is heavily photoshopped, Ricky is HOT! Some people just get better with age and the beard along with the bit of gray in it makes him look distinguished.

  • People magazine


  • jason

    People treats girl-girl different from guy-guy. Girl-girl always gets the bigger and better treatment. It’s celebrated. Guy-guy is treated in a smaller and more negative fashion. Note the word “secret” used by People’s editors in relation to Ricky Martin. It conveys the notion that guy-guy is shameful.

    If People magazine in America had any gumption, they would have shown Ricky on the full front cover with his boyfriend. People magazine is one reason why I have turned off these fraudulent liberals.

    Again, can I say this to the People editors: fuck off.

  • nicktooch

    anyone realize that both of those covers show his kids as infants? i just saw his oprah interview and they are clearly walking and talking. maybe this isnt such a current issue lol.

  • Rob Moore

    To answer the question posed in the banner for this entry. God, I hope not. This is a man who is just about my perfect dream man. He will be one of those miracles of genetics who is still quite stunning when his sons are off to university.

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