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Is Rob Kardashian Gay? Enquiring Minds Wanna Know

If Kim Kardashian’ shotgun divorce wasn’t creating enough buzz, now her Dancing with the Stars brother is generating headlines—well a headline—with a National Enquirer story daring to reveal “Rob Kardashian’s Gay Secret!”Oh boy.

“Is he or isn’t he gay?,” the paper asks, before suggesting Rob’s ample posterior and dance moves have made him a “homosexual icon.”

Please, not right after lunch.

The Enquirer pins the gay rumors on Rob’s sister, Khloe:

“The playful Kardashian sister used Twitter to send sexy messages to the gay community—pretending they came from her brother!

…The first one read: ‘I love [men’s private parts].’ Followed by: “Yum yum yum.”

The phoney Rob then started writing about his attraction to Khloe’s hus­band, Lakers star Lamar Odom. “I love my brother-in-law. He is so big and sexy.”

Oh those Kardashians—apparently being immature grossly inappropriate is, like having a rotund rump, in their DNA.

Now excuse us while we wash our eye out with a wire brush.

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  • George412

    He’s gross and so is the entire family. We don’t want him.

  • dancobbb

    OK, so I don’t know much about the Kardashian family. Never watch the show, know that one of the daughters recently married a basketball player and divorced soon thereafter. And that one of the sons is on dancing with the Stars, which I also don’t watch, BUT, I did hear about David Arquette’s statement on the Letterman show that the Kardashian boy has an incredible butt. So I had to check him out, and I have to say, I think he’s easy on the eyes. And that ass looks quite fine. He’s an attractive guy that I would gladly rim and wouldn’t kick out of bed. I know nothing about his personality or anything else, but for a pure sexual encounter, I’m there.

  • redmont

    @dancobbb: he’s the only member of that family worth keeping, really. At least from what I’ve seen. He’s a bit shy and insecure so he doesn’t like being the center of attention and the only reason he went on dancing with the stars (besides of course the family forcing him to) is so he could get in better shape.

    Those girls though, wow. I know they do much more but they portray themselves as vapid celebutards and are okay with that. I wouldn’t mind if they just fell off the face of the earth as long as rob landed safely in my bed :D

  • divkid

    @dancobbb: i’d be very careful, that could be taken as a marriage proposal — they’ve wed on flimsier pretexts; probably got his lawyers drawing up a marriage contract even as i write this.
    (don’t you sign no pre-nup now!)

  • fredo777

    No, but his ass is. I warmly welcome it into the fold.

  • Kurt

    There are no gay Armenians.

  • Cam


    LOL guess my ex didn’t get the memo.

  • Cadu

    @Cam: Hahahaha LOL

  • MphsThomas

    if he drops the last name, we will gladly send him the welcome kit.

  • kaktosin

    whooooooooooooooooo caresssssssss

  • wayne

    The world would be a better place if that whole fucking family got stranded on a dessert island somewhere.

  • Spike

    Curse that OJ for bringing that family name into the mainstream. Please would they all just go away.

  • Zee

    I’ve always thought he was…hmm

  • sic!

    I would do that piece of meat, if I were such slut like his sister!

  • Tone

    Up til now I thought the Kardashian’s were just two sisters. Had no idea about this guy. Well if he’s gay I hope he comes to terms with it. There’s nothing worse than a closeted B list celebrity. Even $cientology wouldn’t want him.

  • UWSguy

    so true

  • Adman

    Ugh, Armos. The most concentrated waste of the human struggle is found at it’s epicenter, Armenia. I guess it’s fun for her to give us nightmares imagining that sweaty slug is gay. What would you do with all the swarthy manic depression you’d have to keep scraping off of your floor?

  • steve

    He could be Bi… his girlfriends have been a part of the reality show…

    And since when does the National Enquirer determine who and who isn’t a gay icon..??

  • Tackle

    Not impressed at all. Cute face but his ass is average at best. Nothing spectacular.

  • spider_orchid

    @Tackle: Umm, no. His ass is amazing. He’s dumb as a box of hair, but I’d hit it so hard our fucking would tear a hole in the space time continuum.

  • Spike

    When is Rob’s sex tape coming out?

  • Daine

    Khloe’s tweets are so offensive. It seems like what she is doing is making fun of her brother by using gay tweets as a way to emasculate him.

  • ke

    @steve: “girlfriends”. The National Enquireer is usually right about such things.

  • ke

    @Daine: Agreed.

  • MattGMD

    The Kardashian women must be past their expiration date by now. Next garbage day, just put them on the curb by 7AM.

  • jeff thompson

    Rob Kardashian is very handsome. I totally don’t get a gay vibe, seems like he has the hots for his partner on DWTS. His butt is enormous like Kim’s. To be a ‘gay icon’ he needs to hit the gym.

  • rory

    I’ve never thought he was but I can hope because, DAT ASS.

  • Gayity

    Who needs you?

  • Natalia

    Omg ppl !!!! He’s mine n only mine He has big sexy ass and long dick I just wanna marry and have sex with him everyday !!!! N have baby ROB KARDASHIAN I LOVE YOU Baby !!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Henry

    Rob has the best ass out of all the Kardashians.

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