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Is Rob Kardashian Gay? Enquiring Minds Wanna Know

If Kim Kardashian’ shotgun divorce wasn’t creating enough buzz, now her Dancing with the Stars brother is generating headlines—well a headline—with a National Enquirer story daring to reveal “Rob Kardashian’s Gay Secret!”Oh boy.

“Is he or isn’t he gay?,” the paper asks, before suggesting Rob’s ample posterior and dance moves have made him a “homosexual icon.”

Please, not right after lunch.

The Enquirer pins the gay rumors on Rob’s sister, Khloe:

“The playful Kardashian sister used Twitter to send sexy messages to the gay community—pretending they came from her brother!

…The first one read: ‘I love [men’s private parts].’ Followed by: “Yum yum yum.”

The phoney Rob then started writing about his attraction to Khloe’s hus­band, Lakers star Lamar Odom. “I love my brother-in-law. He is so big and sexy.”

Oh those Kardashians—apparently being immature grossly inappropriate is, like having a rotund rump, in their DNA.

Now excuse us while we wash our eye out with a wire brush.