Is “Rock ‘N Roll Fag Bar” Too Offensive A Name For A Chi Chi LaRue’s WeHo DJ Night?

Debate is raging on Twitter whether legenadary porn producer Chi Chi LaRue has gone too far by calling her new DJ night “Rock ‘N Roll Fag Bar.”

As you may well know, discourse about whether the gay community should use the other f-bomb has long been a subject in gay circles.

I’m personally okay with calling my gay friends “fags,” and I know it’s perhaps short-sighted but black people reclaimed the n-word so why can’t we just do it the same way.

Because it’s not “classy”? That’s a classist mode of thinking, and most gay people who won’t say “fag” are just being uptight Negative Nancies.


Ron Davis tweets in to say he thinks the name is both “INFURIATING & moronic.”

Chi Chi LaRue disagreed, obviously, saying: “Fag is such a negative word if you let it be!!! OWN IT HUNTY I do anyway.”

I’m #TeamChiChi on this one. Do you guys think we can use the word “fag” in a tongue-in-cheek way within our community, or should it just go away?

A screenshot of the whole Twitter debacle is on the next page.

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  • Charley

    Own it.

  • Marcus

    I don’t call myself the n-word and I also don’t call myself a fag. If not wanting to participate in my own oppression makes me an uptight piece of shit, so be it. At least I’m not a cunty blogger for a living.

  • DouggSeven

    Chi Chi is gross, unfunny, and unentertaining. There already was a Divine, and he did it 100x better than his sad attempts.

  • WillBFair

    Own it. We’ve used it for too many years to stop now.
    But public uses might include a caution, like: ‘Warning! Here the word fag is used by gay people for gay people. The term is never ok to use by straight people, including heartless rubes trying to gin up hatred against the noble queens on national television.’

  • CBRad

    With a name like Chi Chi LaRue already there, doesn’t it make any debate about the term “fag bar” kind of redundant ?

  • cdubois

    I was gonna mention this was a party years ago in nyc by the late Dean Johnson but it looks like Twitter beat me to it… No one had a problem then, people are getting super touchy now a days….

  • adam

    Chi Chi La Rue (real name Larry David Paciotti) is a transgender-wannabe who made a career out of exploiting men and women for her/his/its porn movies. She/he/it even worked at Vivid for a while, churning out movies that had a bisexual double standard in that they allowed girl-girl but not guy-guy in mixed-gender environments.

    As for the word “fag”, isn’t it interesting that it’s often the word that anti-gay bullies use before they bring their fists into your face?

    All in all, the whole thing suggests that Larry Paciotti isn’t exactly a bright spark.

  • Steven

    I agree Doug7. ChiChi is vulgar and just a wannabe Divine. His/her porns suck and have way too many twinks in them.

  • O

    let it fade away. saying it just gives our enemies the impression that it’s okay for them to call us that too. especially when they hear our straight allies (ahem, “fag hags”) saying it … context may be everything, but context is often lost on outsiders.

  • xixax

    Lighten the fuck up people. Rock ‘N Roll Fag Bar has been around in one incarnation or another since 1988 in NYC. Wasn’t a problem back then, shouldn’t be now. Own it.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Yeah, I’m agreeing with others here. It’s odd, but I have no issue with the word queer, but I get my back up when I hear fag, or faggot.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Yeah, I’m agreeing with others here. It’s odd, but I have no issue with the word queer, but I get my back up when I hear that word.

  • jason


    Nobody owns words. You can’t own words anymore than I can.

    Words are public property. There is no such thing as word ownership.

  • Justin Simpson

    I like the sound of “Rock & Roll Fag Bar” to me that kind of title says “Yes, we’re going to own up to what we are and take a derogatory word that has been used against us and use it as a way to make it sound more Rock & Roll.”

  • blogshag

    @DouggSeven: I totally agree, and he’s not even funny.

    But if you’ve ever seen what Chi-Chi looks like without all of his synthetic enhancements, then you’d know why he dresses up like that.

  • blogshag

    I’ve never understood what was so offensive about the term fag. But that is perhaps it comes from the word fagot, which means a bundle of twigs. So I always thought if someone feels so compelled to call me a bundgle of twigs or sticks, then go for it. It’s also a term that isn’t readily bleeped out by censors.

  • Red Assault

    Chichi is fantastic and funny and a blast to follow on twitter.

    And no… We can use that term.

  • jniceny

    There was already a Rock and Roll Fag Bar (Tuesday nights) in the East Village 20 years ago. The nice thing with the name is that the nerds who don’t like “fag” in the name won’t come to the party. works out for everyone.

  • Big Blue

    Fag has already been used for gay clubs. Rock and Roll Fag Bar in the East Village and Fag Fridays in SOMA. It’s old hat.

  • jason

    Big Blue,

    Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Darren

    Just like people who still use the N-word because they think they own it, people won’t give you any more respect than you give yourselves. So go ahead and chillax and throw the f-bomb around to show the world how comfortable you are with yourself. The reality is that it’s trashy. And some people love to point out a trashy gay as if they’re the status quo.

  • Jonathonz

    Yeah, this word needs to go, just like the N-word. I hate hearing anyone using those words, blacks and gays included. I don’t care who says them, they just sound nasty, and not in a good way.

  • Tone

    I remember the first time I was called a fag. It was in grade seven. At the time it hurt like hell.

    Now it’s *my* word to use when the fuck I want to. Suck it bitches.

  • Kev C

    Fag is such a proletarian term. Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap.

  • george saint-george

    Personally I don’t mind the name and I don’t find it offensive at all. As for the people who are offended by this : Have you people been living under a rock the last 20 years ? The name Rock & Roll Fag Bar has been the name of a VERY POPULAR gay bar in Toronto, Canada for over the last 20 years. Blame Canada ! LOL

  • george saint-george

    @Big Blue: And it’s the name of a very popular gay night at the Tasmanian Ballroom In Toronto Canada.

  • Tone

    @Kev C: You know what you look like to me, with your good bag and your cheap shoes? You look like a rube. A well scrubbed, hustling rube with a little taste. Good nutrition’s given you some length of bone, but you’re not more than one generation from poor white trash, are you?

  • Kev C

    @Tone: Thanks Hannibal, but Fag actually is a word introduced in the US by immigrant socialists and communists from Europe, and became popular as criminal and black jargon of the era, as many new immigrants became mobsters, gangsters and teamsters. Drinking the Pabst, joining the Union, fighting the cops.

  • Geri

    @adam: Chi Chi La Rue has directed loads of bisexual porn scenes – i.e. guy-guy in mixed-gender environments porn.

  • Geri

    @WillBFair: RE: “‘Warning! Here the word fag is used by gay people for gay people”

    “Fag” doesn’t even mean gay. It means queer.

    Specifically “queer man”. Bisexual men are fags, male t_ranny chasers are fags, transvestites are fags etc. I’m sure all such queer fellows will be welcome as Chi Chi’s party – as well as gay men of course.

  • RunBMC

    Sorry to disappoint all of those wishing to pile on Chi Chi LaRue, but s/he is GUEST DJing a party that is already a standing attraction at GYM Bar in West Hollywood. You may now un-knot your panties over that aspect of it.

  • w.e.

    You want to know what the problem is in gay “society”? Just take a gander at that disgusting display.

  • Conrad

    WERK! Love it.

    Y’all, this is our own space with our own people. It’s not like Rick Santorum is calling us a fag. It’s not like the high school bully is calling us a fag. If anyting, Chi Chi is reclaiming the word.

    I got called fag everyday in high school (C’10) and detested the word fag. Then I came to Atlanta and fell into all these queer spaces where fag was thrown around as a term of endearment in a teasing sort of way. Now, when I go home to Knoxville, TN and someone shouts “FAG!!!!1!84we5uy934” out the window, my response, “Fuck yeah!” and it totally confuses them.

    I’m a fag! lol so funny because when I was 16 I was in Miami canvasing for people to stop saying “fag” and “that’s so gay” for an organization called GLSEN and this person told me, “Honey, when you move to a big city, these words and phrases are going to take on a whole new meaning for you. You’re going to be so much happier.” So. Right.

  • Adam Cheers

    Is the use of the word “fag” in this context really necessary? Have a straight person use it in a negative fashion and GLAAD will be at their doorstep in a hot minute. It’s just so uncreative.

    Now on to Chi Chi LaRue. Will this person just retire already! The thought/site of her makes me cringe.

  • TO

    The name of this party is meant to be politically incorrect and get people talking (read, worked up) just the way we are right now. This is a very good marketing / promotions tactic in our overtly politically correct culture which Chi Chi is brilliant at. All everyone is doing is giving her free lip service and promotion. I see the twitter war mentioned this… Chi Chi is also old enough to remember the original Rock and Roll Fag Bar from the late 80s / early 90s in NYC. She is just assuming that no one old enough is alive to remember anything about any type of gay / queer history so she can just copy away. She is pandering and playing the gay mainstream that has no idea this party already existed. She also does not care that musician / artist, Dean Johnson, the legendary creator of Rock and Roll Fag Bar is rolling over in his grave. Wiki here: Is anyone shocked? I am not.

  • Jon

    I love it. So many queens upset over a silly little word like “fag”. I’m sure that such uptight people aren’t wanted at the party anyway, so stay home and watch the Big Bang Theory if you don’t want to go to Rock N Roll Fag Bar. You uneducated queens are so basic and pedestrian. Grow up.

  • Jarred

    I’m not sure if any of you know this, but it’s not Chi Chi’s party and it’s not her club. It’s just a DJing gig for her- one of many. Chill out, haters. I will be rocking out to her tonight!

  • david&keith

    @RunBMC: praise to the people IN THE KNOW that make the point that there is a long legacy of the club name over the years. i went to an incarnation of the RRFB years ago here in L.A. and would have loved to have gone at its beginnings in NYC. I did not want to come and comment because as expected there are people who have the time on their hands to spread negativity and say hideous things about Chi Chi. I think QUEERTY did not help matters at all with this issue by subtitling the article “calling her new DJ night…” This in fact is so wrong it not only sets the tone for the whole discussion but subliminally leads commenters to throwing trash at Chi Chi LaRue. Is the concept of “gay community” a farce with all this underlying negativity being spread around? People who know about the Rock and Roll Fag Bar concept, and who know Chi Chi LaRue, we know. We know. There are so few outlets for those of us in the ‘community’ who want to go somewhere that plays KISS and Queen and AC/DC and have a great time rocking out. I can understand bagging on Fred Phelps, but Chi Chi is on our side, people.

  • The Truth

    Let us be REAL…..LaRue is a talentless fat drag queen. Nothing more. Nothing less. A non-entity of large proportions. It (LaRue) brings down the entire gay community with it’s cheap booze entertainment.

  • Stephen

    I see nothing wrong with the name of it. There is WAY too much political correctness going on.
    Since she’s hosting the event, she has the right to name it. Obviously, the people who run the establishment have no problem with the name either. Y’all need to Chillax.

  • Ben

    Fags, OWN it, so hot to do that. Mmmm. Are you that hot?

  • Chad Hunt

    I find it rather hypocritical for a website with the word “Queer” in its title to even propose this question.Chi Chi LaRue has never exploited anyone as some here have suggested. Porn is choice made by an individual. No one is forced to do it. Porn empowers many to afford college or live a lifestyle they may otherwise never have had. Ms. LaRue has been a great friend to me as well as the gay community. Her stance on providing only safer sex videos shows societal responsibility. Using abusive language to describe her when you are offended by her use of an “abusive” word is just hypocritical to say the least. We are all racist, sexist, ageist, classist, etc at different intervals in our lives. To deny it is to deny the human condition. How absurd has the LGBT community gotten when we can deny ourselves as faggots, queers, fairies, homos, butt-pirates, rump-ranger, queens, Nancies, etc.

  • manley lennox

    @blogshag: Amazing the amount of ill will and unkind character remarks are being made in assassinating Chi Chi’s person, films, character, while little discussion of the actual story is being stated!

  • Trent

    I like the word Fag. Own it. I personally don’t like the word queer; but I got over it. I don’t disparage others for using it either.

  • Alexi3

    @TO: You hit the proverbial nail right on the head.

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