Is “Rock ‘N Roll Fag Bar” Too Offensive A Name For A Chi Chi LaRue’s WeHo DJ Night?

Debate is raging on Twitter whether legenadary porn producer Chi Chi LaRue has gone too far by calling her new DJ night “Rock ‘N Roll Fag Bar.”

As you may well know, discourse about whether the gay community should use the other f-bomb has long been a subject in gay circles.

I’m personally okay with calling my gay friends “fags,” and I know it’s perhaps short-sighted but black people reclaimed the n-word so why can’t we just do it the same way.

Because it’s not “classy”? That’s a classist mode of thinking, and most gay people who won’t say “fag” are just being uptight Negative Nancies.


Ron Davis tweets in to say he thinks the name is both “INFURIATING & moronic.”

Chi Chi LaRue disagreed, obviously, saying: “Fag is such a negative word if you let it be!!! OWN IT HUNTY I do anyway.”

I’m #TeamChiChi on this one. Do you guys think we can use the word “fag” in a tongue-in-cheek way within our community, or should it just go away?

A screenshot of the whole Twitter debacle is on the next page.