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  • J

    I looked for love online. And I found it. It wasn’t easy, but it did work, and because of how enormously focused on sex a lot of people are, the comparison to a bar isn’t a bad one. There are people who think they are too good for you, people you think you are too good for, and people pretending to be other people. But online, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not my hair was just right the entire time. I didn’t feel as nervous as I was in bars. I was better represented as myself online, even though I am far more charismatic in person.

    Don’t be sad about it, it isn’t such a bad thing.
    And if it is, I don’t know that a blog is the best place to discuss the evils of the internet…

  • Anonymous

    I live in a midwestern state – I’ve looked at dozens of websites and the SAME faces keep showing up on all of them. 60 people looked at my profile on MySpace and not one reply. I said things like – friends first, enjoy volunteering, travel – etc. I was honest about my age etc. Or maybe I missed the part about no teeth, missing an eye – just kidding. Anyway, I’m a pretty decent person just not gorgeous – so I find this 48% figure very hard to believe.

  • J

    Well, figure that in different areas the percentages are different, if in Carolina it is 70% (hypothetical numbers, don’t jump on me) and out by you it is 26% – it is an average number, not a definite number.

  • PalePhoenix

    I think the figure is BS. I’d say it was closer to eighty or ninety percent (but among 18-65 yos, who are single, and own computers, etc. etc.). Folks are either lying about how many dating site profiles they have, or they don’t realize other types of sites “count.” Meeting someone via an online venue used to be almost shameful, the epitome of ‘geek love,’ but the younger generations have not only rehabilitated it, many have taken it right back around to being somewhat tasteless again (my apologies for the Faux News link).

    I think part of the halvsies/lowball estimate comes from people who don’t regard other profile pages or personal blogs as a means of connection to potential partners. I didn’t say it was the best way, but it IS a way…since it is no less a manner of establishing a connection with others and of showcasing one’s own personality. While I’m not plumbing the depths of my own members and comment sections for dates, I wouldn’t discount the chance, just as I’d prefer to meet someone at a supermarket, a gym, or–yes, why the heck not–even a bar. I’m there, I’m being social, what more do I need? (well, maybe dance music in the Safeway on Tuesday nights)

  • foofyjim

    I don’t have an issue with online dating, and I’m not sure why Queerty does either. I never found it to be a method that worked for me though, there’s something chemical about talking to a person face-to-face that is simply lost online or on the phone. So much is communicated non-verbally, I just never ended up connecting with the guys I met online once we finally met in person.

    Anyway, I agree that it’s just another way for people to meet that works well for some as it obviously worked out well for some of the posters here.

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