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  • smartguyd

    Well when she is a boy she is the head choreographer/coach or something at a dance studio in Mesquite, Texas. Logo could milk a reality show out of that.

  • basementmatt

    So, a failed pageant winner, bad comedian, bad actor, and admitted fan of mediocrity gets her own show. At least RuPaul is a good judge of character.

  • bobbyjoe

    Alyssa? Seriously? I could think of about twenty-five queens from the show who should be ahead of Alyssa on any list RuPaul is making for possible spin-offs.

  • Dionte

    I’d watch her show. I would crack up at how funny she thought her jokes were

  • kevininbuffalo

    Just what we need, another freakin flamer to re-enforce the Gay=effeminate stereotype.
    Thanks Logo.

  • MaximumJoy

    Even though she can’t act, I find her to be entertaining when she is just being herself and not even trying, so yeah, I would watch.

  • goodpa

    Nope. Dumb and mean is an unsightly combination.

  • CleJoke

    I like Alyssa. I like Coco too. Together they’re the Tom & Jerry of drag.
    I was rooting for the two of them to make it to top three.

  • Davidw705

    I saw if all the trash on str8 tv like the house wives of etc… Then why not a drag spin off!! Go Gurrrl!

  • Milady Boleyn

    No matter what the show is about it will be every bit as fabulous as she is! I will watch it, I will TvO it, I will promote it on Facebook and Twitter! Brava Alyssa!Well Done!

  • hamoboy

    @kevininbuffalo: There is nothing wrong with being a flamer, and if you want a “masc” gay entertainer to come out the closet and represent for you, good luck getting any of those closeted hollywood homos. The reason the flamers overrepresent is because they are more often out, and easier out. Masc gay guys (of which I normally count myself as a part of) should stop complaining and put up. If you want to “counterbalance” stereotypes, then go get some headshots, put together a portfolio and idea, and go make it happen instead of bitching about the success of the more flame-y types in showbiz.

  • QJ201

    And another butch muscle queen would be reinforcing another stereotype. Guess what, we are ALL some sort of stereotype.

  • JoseAlexRN

    I find interesting how some people continue enjoy tearing some folks down. Let me address the “Failed Pageant Winner”

    Alyssa Edwards

    Miss USofA 2006 – Won on her first attempt – only a few have successfully done this. Completed her reign.

    Miss Gay America 2010** Crowned in November Dethroned on January 1. No prelims missed. We all have our pros on cons when this occurs.

    Miss All American Goddess 2010 – Check the webpage; She is listed a winner and former. “”She may not have completed her reign.

    Three national titles all before the age of 30…..hmmm failure – I seriously doubt it.

    For those that want to read me …..careful

    JoseAlexRN with a PHD (may not be in reading but you will get read, LOL)

  • Alexspade93

    @kevininbuffalo: It’s so funny to read someone like you. I live in country with horrible level of homophobia, we have no openly gay people among celebrities here. And you have so many DIFFERENT out and proud stars. You have Zachary Quinto, you have Jason Collins now and so many others. And you’re moaning because some drag queen “re-enforce the Gay=effeminate stereotype”… Your’e pathetic.

  • krell67

    @kevininbuffalo: So what you’re saying here is that you appreciate diversity as much as the evangelical christians who want all of us to be “cured”.
    This comment sucks in so many ways it’s barely worth acknowledging, but the biggest way that it sucks is this: the whole point of the LGBT equality movement is so we can all have the freedom to be who we want to be without persecution from people who say “it’s not OK for you to be like this”. Well guess what? It’s perfectly OK to be a femme queen… and what’s more, it’s joyful and fantastic if that’s what makes you happy. The problem isn’t the femme queen who’s living her life and being fabulous, the problem is the bigots who treat her badly based on a non-existent stereotype of what being gay means. The answer to those bigots isn’t for us all to act straight and be just like them, it’s to be whoever we want to be and FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY. When we tell each other that it’s not OK to be who we are we’ve already lost.

  • zagy0

    @kevininbuffalo: So what we need is more self-deprecation and maligning from within our own community to unite us and break down stereotypes? Good call.

  • dguy24

    I see a reality show about her life. “Life with Alyssa” or something like that. And we go to Mesquite Texas to watch her run and operate her dance studio while still performing Drag on the side and handling her new found fame after Drag Race. Thats all grounds for a perfect premise. Plus , face it! She’s funny and charming. She’s funny even when she’s not trying to be. She’s serious half the time but its hilarious. She’s like the Jessica Simpson of gays. I would SO watch.

  • DPhresh

    Alyssa and Coco take Las Vegas!!!!!!!

    My DVR is already programmed.

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