Is Someone Trying to Add the Wrong Heteros to Our Team?


When someone puts together a list of “25 Rich A-Gays Up for Grabs,” there are the usual suspects you’d expect on there, like Lance Bass and, depending on your definition of A-Gay, George Michael might be on there. But Winq magazine’s countdown includes some names that supposedly don’t play for our team.


Like Fiat heir and best-dressed man Lapo Elkann, whose devotion to fashion is as notorious as his Playboy ways. Page Six says his name was included because he was “found dressed in woman’s attire after a coke OD in the apartment of a transsexual prostitute,” which doesn’t necessarily make him gay. Or an A-Gay for that matter. That same gossip column reported Elkann proposing Czech mode Veronica Varekova (she said no) and then going after pixie Mary-Kate Olsen.

Meanwhile, other names on the list include Marc Jacobs, David Geffen, and Giorgio Armani, whose “up for grabs” status seems to change with the weather. And we haven’t seen the article — a brief preview is here — but is Clay Aiken on this list? We hear single dads are big this year.

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  • Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    Why anyone with an ounce of sense has taken Mike Albo’s abortion of a cultural meme, “A-Gays”, and run (ran? rundid?) with it, is beyond me. And that pink fedora looks like something you’d find on the clearance rack at DEB.

    But anyone who blows lines, in drag, in the company of a TS callgirl, is cool with me. Win.

  • Fixit Again Tony

    Forget about it Jake, its Fiat town.

  • Sebbe

    This is legit?

  • bobito

    Damn, is that all it takes to get on the A-gay list? Just OD on coke when you’re in drag at a TS hooker’s apartment and wear ridiculous looking clothes? Back in the 90’s the guys I knew who did stuff like that were called white trash. But whatever – if that’s A-gay … Looks just like overprivileged people with too much money and not an iota of class or taste. Mike Albo & Winq Magazine can worship them all he likes, but count me out.

  • Gurlene

    In this economy I would have preferred to hear about how their businesses are doing rather than about how “available” they are or figure how much longer these coked out,never had a real job before in their lives prima donnas live.

    However I do recognize that with the mentality of gay america being what it is if it does not have a twinkish looking model sporting a 6 pack and tight briefs (always a frontal shot because it looks flat enough BACK there to actually iron a shirt)the magazine with the article will not sell.

  • akn

    Lapo Elkann used to work as an assistant to Henry Kissinger (a good friend of his grandfather, Gianni Agnelli). He directed marketing for the whole Fiat group, including Alfa Romeo and Maserati, launched a fashion/lifestyle label called Italia Independent, and his family owns Juventus (Turin’s football team). He’s probably not gay, but he deserves at least an A-. He’s cuter without dumb hats and glasses and that hair, too.

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