Is Someone Trying to Add the Wrong Heteros to Our Team?


When someone puts together a list of “25 Rich A-Gays Up for Grabs,” there are the usual suspects you’d expect on there, like Lance Bass and, depending on your definition of A-Gay, George Michael might be on there. But Winq magazine’s countdown includes some names that supposedly don’t play for our team.


Like Fiat heir and best-dressed man Lapo Elkann, whose devotion to fashion is as notorious as his Playboy ways. Page Six says his name was included because he was “found dressed in woman’s attire after a coke OD in the apartment of a transsexual prostitute,” which doesn’t necessarily make him gay. Or an A-Gay for that matter. That same gossip column reported Elkann proposing Czech mode Veronica Varekova (she said no) and then going after pixie Mary-Kate Olsen.

Meanwhile, other names on the list include Marc Jacobs, David Geffen, and Giorgio Armani, whose “up for grabs” status seems to change with the weather. And we haven’t seen the article — a brief preview is here — but is Clay Aiken on this list? We hear single dads are big this year.