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Is Sports Illustrated Laughing With, Or At Carson Kressley’s U.S. Open Fashion Coverage?

I have no problem with sports and fashion crossing into each other, obviously. But when Sports Illustrated, or any sports website, simply brings in a gay guy to make silly, over-the-top faces and comments about fashion at a sporting even it is actually offensive. This typical stereotyping of gay people is precisely why gay athletes don’t come out and why still, in 2010, most gay people don’t feel they have any mainstream role models to look up to. Would they have had a female stylist making the faces he’s making there? And why is he wearing a crown? Are gay stylists now royalty? (Bravo execs are probably scurrying to write a treatment for that right now.)

—Dave Rubin, of Ben & Dave’s Six Pack, frowns on Sports Illustrated bringing in one-time Queer Eye Carson Kressley to discuss fashion at the U.S. Open [Rubinville]