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Is Steve O Gay? Is Washington Worth Learning About? Are You Nicer Than Davey Wavey?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, where we present the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy replies that came directly from you, the readers! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle in the office:


1. Why can’t Steve O just be a non-bigoted, non-homophobic, comfortable-with-his-sexuality straight guy, who is also a friend and ally to the gay community? Honorary Gay…really? And we wonder why we’re not taken seriously sometimes.

Vinny has thrown his hands up in LISTEN: Is Jackass‘ Steve-O An Honorary Gay? 


2. Baron Steuben was the gay, brilliant military strategist without whom the American side would not likely have won the Revolution against the British. Steuben’s military strategy book remained in use in the U.S. military for decades. Additionally, it’s preposterous to say that learning about Chaz Bono will keep students from learning about George Washington. What we might remind students of, apropos of Washington, is that he ratified a Constitution that forbid his own wife the vote. She could have transitioned like Chad and she still would not have had the vote. And oh after the Constitution was ratified, Jews did not have the vote. Neither could white men who didn’t own property. By all means; let’s learn more about George Washington.

Scott Rose has cracked open a few history books in NOM And FRC Worried That Chaz Bono Will Impeach George Washington 


3. EQ CA: Showing everyone why we lost in the first place. Thanks for nothing guys!

TJ is sick of the Golden State nonprofit in Equality California Decides To Spend Prop 8 Money On Talking To Neighbors 


4. not hot. the concentration camp survivor look does not do it for me. but to each his own…

Delurker has seen hotter in Here’s The Bottoming Video That The Real World‘s Dustin Zito Said Didn’t Exist 


5. He’s even hotter WITH a shirt on!

The remembrance is very sweet.

Did any of you bitches do anything as nice?


Neither did I for the record.

RickStrandlof defends our favorite shirtless vlogger in Davey Wavey Returns With A Colorful Tribute To Jamey Rodemeyer