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Is Taylor Lautner a Bottom? Do Girls Really Like Pink? Are You The Most Oppressed?

Time for the Queerty Week in Comments, with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking or just downright bitchy comments that came directly from you, the readers!  


“Who cares if he is gay or not? I personally don’t think he is, but I think he is effin’ hot. But all this speculation and gossiping really makes the gay community look like we are a bunch of gossips who recruit like the right wing claims we do.”

seaguy thinks the gay haters might just have a point in, Why Taylor Lautner’s Coming-Out Issue Of People Is Obviously Fake


“I can’t say I see the need to argue who has suffered the most or been oppressed the most. I think it’s worth discussing how these various oppressions are related, to what extent they are one oppression, who oppression looks when it one articulation intersects with others, etc.

And I don’t know why it is necessary to try to compare the plight of one group of individuals to the plight of another. What we can say, of course, is that African Americans have fought and are fighting for civil rights and so has and are the LGBT community. African Americans have been denied basic human rights and access to equal services because of a perceived difference and so has the LGBT community. Who has it the worst, however, is not relevant.”

Adam isn’t the comparative type,, in LGBTs, African-Americans Vie For Top Spot in Oppression Olympics


molotov-patricia-mitchell“Being a troll is profitable. Pre-distressed skinny jeans don’t pay for themselves.”

skzip888 knows the price of being a fashion victim, in The Surprisingly Normal-Looking Couple Whose Viral Videos Are Brainwashing Young Conservatives


“Oh, and I suppose little girls are not ‘coached’ every day of their lives to do nothing but like pink, play pretty pretty princess, and nurse baby dolls. Yes, when a little girl questions gender stereotypes, it must have been coached, but when a little girl dreams of being a princess all day while boys are out playing superheroes who rescue princesses, that’s just the normal state of Nature. Are you sure we’re still on a queer website?”

Carlsbad says the lady doesn’t protest too much, in WATCH: Fierce Toddler Calls Out Gender Stereotypes In “Riley On Marketing”


“[Paul] Angelo may not be a bottom, but he is an a**hole.”

Nomadsheart knows what’s up, in Nutjob Gay Matchmaker: Bottoming Will Make You A Total Loser