Is That George Michael I Just Spotted on Grindr?

In the few months since I’ve started using Grindr (and I’ve since loaded up Qrushr, West Fourth, and GayCities’ iPhone app) to find soul mates and Friday dates, I have seen Lance Bass, Clay Aiken, and even Lady Gaga on the app. Of course, I doubt any of them were actually the celebrities their profile pictures pretended to be, and not just because whoever was pretending to be Lance Bass refused to answer my “Sup?”. But along comes a report that George Michael is using Grindr while on holiday in Australia, and I want to believe it.

On the same day George Michael was photographed frolicking on a boat in Pittwater with a super-fit mystery man, he was setting up dates with other men via his trusty iPhone. At 10.16am on Monday, using the profile name Back for Wood, George Michael used Grindr to send the message “Hi there” and a picture of himself taken in a hotel room mirror to someone he liked the look of , who happened to be just 185m away, according to Grindr GPS. He then asked if the man was at the Hyatt, presumably the Park Hyatt near The Rocks. The man replied that he was at nearby Circular Quay and then asked: “How you going sexy?” A source told us: “He couldn’t believe it when the picture of George popped up on his phone. They exchanged a few messages but they haven’t met up yet.”

Is George relying on Grindr to find some down under play? It’s believable, given his other public sex antics that don’t shame him. And that certainly appears to be him snapping a picture of himself with his iPhone — though we all know how those photos can end up anywhere.

But it’d certainly be quite an endorsement of the little iPhone app that could. After all, it’s not like eHarmony can claim it’s finding love for Sandra Bullock, now can it?

[Adelaide Now, OMG Blog]

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  • Alex

    No, it’s a mask. Not even a bad photoshop, just a paper mask.

    Look at the haircut, it’s a 90’s era.

  • Ralph

    It’s him….friend of mine in Melbourne spoke directly to him after being picked up by him on Grindr, though nothing happened in the end because George got a better offer.

  • j

    @Ralph: How fuckin’ nice of him. And I’m suprised it wasn’t your friend who got the better offer, george isn’t much of a looker famous or not.

  • Anthony Savva

    LOL… Thats so not George Michael. LOL. I’m a Aesthetician and stylist and can spot it a mile away. The hair and eyebrows are all wrong plus this guy is a little too thin to be George at this moment. Nice try though by the guy making the claim :-)

  • Tylertime

    If George Michael is on Grindr how is that a ringing endorsement? It’s incentive for me to keep my ancient cellphone and laugh at my friends who use the app.

  • tjr101

    What a creepy picture.

  • David

    YIKES! I’m sooo over Grindr. It’s just become so trashy and fake in my opinion. I’ll stick with GayCities or West Fourth.

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