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Is That Really Jake Gyllenhaal’s Love Member?

So perhaps you’ve heard Love and Other Drugs, which opened Friday, stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway and very naked people? Because really, that’s the entire gimmick these two have been telling America about for weeks during their promo tour. Fine, but how naked do they get? Well you see Anne’s tatas. Oh, and there is a photo floating around that purports to be a shot of Mr. Gyllenhaal’s nether regions. Is it?

We don’t post those sorts of things on this family-ish website, but you can have a NSFW look of your own here or here. Then come back to this post and start arguing about whether that was a stunt double, a prop prosthetic, or really Jake in the flesh.

UPDATE: This NSFW animated gif appears to show the “penis” is really just a piece of fabric, while Jake’s real member is covered by shadows and Anne’s tresses.