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Is That Story About Lady Gaga Booting A Drunk Adam Lambert From Her Bday Just An April Fool’s Joke?

Does anyone else think this story about Lady Gaga booting Adam Lambert from her 25th birthday party last Sunday is a very well orchestrated April Fool’s Prank? That Internet Stain is pushing the story that Lambert, a guest of Gaga’s opening act the Scissor Sisters, “showed up beyond drunk. Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk.” His fist pumping supposedly ended up with his fist in the low ceiling, and his attempt to serenade Gaga with a birthday song had Gags telling her security detail to boot him. Meanwhile, Lambert tweeted some corroboration this week:

My hand still hurts. Lolless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

If it is an April Fool’s joke, they should’ve thrown in a naked Katy Perry singing (embarrassingly) live just for good measure. And if it isn’t a prank, then now we have to start The Adam Lambert Apology Tour where he tells his young fans about the dangers of abusing alcohol.

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